Video Review: Jason Derulo “Take You Dancing”

Neon blue electricity crackles in the multiple wires in a server. Jason Derulo picks up his phone and reads the text message. While he holds his drink, he puts his arm around a young woman as they sit in a booth. He sits on the lemon resting on top of the glass of his drink.

He and the young woman swim in the ocean as the sun sets. They see sharks circle them. He puts his head underwater and lands on an wooden raft standing in a pool of water.  The young woman watches as he dances on the raft. He tosses back a black as he sits in a chair while she changes behind the dressing screen. Wearing a negligee, she bends down and strokes his face. As the lights flash red and yellow, he runs down the hallway. She gestures for him to come over and leans against the wall. He walks over to her and kisses her.

He dances on the teal and opens the door for her. She bounces on the side of wall. They dance on top of a cake sitting on a glass table. Shirtless, he rubs his hands as he walks in the bedroom. She sits in the bed and kisses him as snow flakes fly. He spins by the column on the porch of his home. The young woman and several dancers join him in a routine. She leans into him after the routine and he puts his arm around her.

Rating: 2/5

Jason Derulo cuddles the young woman as they sit in the booth at the bar. She strokes his cheek. He tells her she’s beautiful and asks her if she’s ready to go home. She giggles and says they haven’t gotten on the dance floor yet. He raises his hand and orders two more drinks. The server returns with their drinks. Derulo chugs his and she slaps his arm, saying he’s going to get sick. He asks her if she’d like to dance. With drink in hand, she laughs as he twirls her on the dance floor. She wipes sweat from her forehead and says she’s so hot. Derulo says he can cool her off. She kisses him and holds his hand as they walk to the car.

She claps for one of her friends as she kisses her husband during the reception. Derulo tells her he requested their song. She says she knows what’s on his mind. He puts his arm around her and says he’s feeling romantic. It’s all the love. She says she rented a hotel room and holds up a key. Derulo tells her she’s a genius. She says they can slip out at anytime. However. she wants to be back before her friend throws the banquet.

They lie in bed together. She tells him she’s glad they didn’t go out tonight. He says they didn’t even make it out the door. She sighs and tells him she loves him. The light flickers. Derulo asks her if she’d seen it. She shakes her head “no.” The electricity goes out in their home. Derulo laughs into the young woman’s arm. She exclaims, “I can’t see anything!” He gets up and says he’ll get a flashlight.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2020

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