Video Review: Calvin Harris & The Weeknd “Over Now”

Animated red and silver droplets form The Weeknd. A robot sits in a parked sports car, electric blue light illuminates the entrance. A silver robot dances on checkered floor. While the lights flash to red and light, it becomes The Weeknd. Multi-colored boxes build a cube. A robotic young woman dances with him. The cubes separate and turn into downtown Los Angeles.

Teal paint splashes over the city as The Weeknd walks on the street. A mold of The Weeknd watches as the red, giant mushrooms replace the trees. His pixelated head rotates while the sun sets. A robot’s face opens up. In a small section on top of its head, a pink brain The robotic young woman dances within a globe. A silver joins her as she dances in a forest.

A blue butterfly lands on the green floor. Mushrooms grow within it. Pixels flash within the silver robot’s eye. The silver robot, in silhouette, walks on an electric blue planet. The silver robots sits by a control station. It becomes a the car. He presses the 1 button and speeds off. A pixelated car stands upright while the robot stands by it.

Rating: 4/5

The animator deletes some sections of the forest. The lines, for some reason, weren’t connecting. She creates the globe as a guide. A collegague of hers tells her the prototype of the Weeknd is going to be uploaded into her design. She submits a copy to her supervisors and the editors.

The editors return with some notes, which she corrects and sends it again. The editor approves of the next stop. She designs the trees in the forest. A colleague of hers asks her for her opinion of his drawing of the city. She says it complements The Weeknd well. His character would certainly get drunk inside the club. She finishes the forest and submits it again to her editors and supervisors. With only minimal corrections, she sends in the final version of her section.

Her supervisor emails her and says the director has edited the music video. He invites them to watch it during a meeting. She smiles as she sees her section heavily featured. Her supervisor says they wanted some of her first draft as well. They thought it was really good. She beams as she sits in her seat. Back at her desk, she saves her clips and uploads them her personal email. Future employers would be able to see her entire process.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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