Video Review: One 2 Many “Downtown”

Dag walks against a sky blue background. He plays the piano in the city. Camila grins as she reads a newspaper in the back of the car.  A bus drives past them. People walk, holding their umbrellas as it drizzles. Dag bends down and helps a 5-year-old girl feed the birds. Dag takes pictures.

Wearing a denim outfit, Camila dances by a skyscraper. She sings in the city square while Dag and Jan play their instruments. A group of people listen to them. Camila dances with a twentysomething man. She laughs as she leans against a building in the evening. She runs down the stairs as she heads for the subway. Dag walks down the stairs to catch the subway. She continues to dance by the building.

Rating: 3/5

Camila comments on a purse displayed in the store window. She tells Dag and Jan it’s calling her and she has to buy it. Dag and Jan wander around the store and talk while she looks through the t-shirt racks and holds the purse. She pays for her purchases at the counter. Dag tells her there’s a new restaurant in the area that just opened. They should try it.

Dag takes a bite of his baked chicken and says they have to take a bite. It’s just as good as the reviewer made it out to be. Camila asks the server for another glass of wine. Jan says he’s too full for dessert. Camila says she’s not and that they can share. Dag says the reviewer mentioned a rosewater cake and he’s going to try it.

Jan places his hand on the pole as they ride the subway home. Dag leafs through the magazine he bought while Camila does a crossword puzzle. Jan taps Camila’s foot as a young man sits next to her. She looks up and closes her book. Their stop is annoucned and they get off. Camila says she had a great time but she wants to go to the bar next weekend. Dag says they’ll be able to before they go the concert. Jan says he knows a friend of his works at an exclusive place and will be able to get them inside.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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