Video Review: Luke Combs “Lovin’ On You”

A thirtysomething man puts a VHS tape, marked birthday ’89, in the machine. He sits on the chair and watches it.

On July 22, 1998, a 12-year-old Luke Combs is dropped off at the Skate Center. His mom tells him to “have fun!” He runs out of the car, holding his present. The DJ, at the microphone, says, “let’s wish a happy birthday to the one and only Nicole.” He walks into the rink and sees his crush, Nicole, bite into a pretzel as she sits at her table.

Combs performs with his band inside the Skate Center. He watches as Nicole opens her presents. A friend of hers takes her hand and they walk away from the table. He sighs as he continue to hold his present. Someone hands him an ICEE and a pair of roller skates. He follows behind Nicole as she skates by herself. As he turns, he loses his balance and falls.

Nicole cuts into her cake. He plays Duck Blind, Arcade Hunter while his friend cheers him on. Nicole looks at a pair of roller skates as she stands by the counter in the gift area. Combs picks up a guitar and plays “Neon Dream.” Back at the table, she reads his card and smiles at his message within the card: “Hopefully gift stand. 8 pm.” He raises his arms as tickets fall in the air like confetti. She exclaims, “ooh!” as he redeems all his tickets to get her the skates. They skate together. She puts a beard on him and he laughs.

At the skate rental, he tells Nicole, “Ma’am, one ticket here. What can I get for that?”  Nicole responds, “a whoopie cushion?” He says, “that’d be great. I do love a good fart.” She says, “yeah?” He answers, “yes.” She says, “I’m marrying this guy.”

Rating: 4/5

Luke Combs leans against the gift stand and asks if Nicole if she went to Woodview Middle School. She says “yes” and asks him how he knew. He says they went to school together and he attended one of her birthday parties. She smiles and says, “you’re Luke! I remember you!” She tells him she still has the skates. Her mom wanted to give them away to one of her cousins and she said no. Combs said he thought she forgot him. She says it’s not possible.

She dances to his music at one of his shows. He puts his arm around her backstage and says he wrote the songs for her. She says she didn’t realize it. He asks her if she’s having a good birthday. She says it’s the best birthday since middle school. He tells her he’s so glad he ran into her. She says she wished she didn’t have to work at the arcade tomorrow. An extra day with him would be great.

Combs takes a deep breath and holds the jewelry box in his hand. It was time. They’d been dating for about two years. She’d always been the one for him. He stands on the side of the counter and kneels. She puts a hand over to her mouth. The little kids exclaim, “they are going to get married!” He tells her he loved the moment he saw her and hoped she’d notice him someday. She answers “yes” before he opens the jewelry case. He puts the ring on hre finger.

Director: Tyler Adams Year: 2020

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