Video Review: Disclosure, Kehlani & Syd “Birthday”

A doll man walks back into his house on 263 Adelaide St while a doll woman stands on the opposite side of the porch. A gazebo stands in the center of the town. On the left, doll people dine in the patio of the restaurant. Birds fly over a house on a hill.

Inside, Syd plays with a toy airplane as she sits in the family room. She marks Kehlani’s birthday on the calendar and picks up the phone. A sketch of Kehlani sitting in her bedroom turns real. Kehlani stands up in her room and pulls up her stockings. She sits up on the rug and looks out the windows. She kisses the date of Syd’s birthday, leaving an imprint on the calendar. A rose grows in her palm.

Syd holds up Kehlani’s home. She turns on the television. A black-and-white cartoon plays on the television. A door opens into blackness. An animated Syd and Kehlani shrug as they stand on stage. The curtains open to an ice cream and cake land. Kehlani and Syd sit on a scoop of ice cream. They ride the airplane together among rusted orange clouds. Back in ice cream land, Kehlani and Syd stand by the lollipops. Kehlani touches Syd’s cheek. Syd’s head spins and flames over her face. Kehlani turns her head while flames cover it. Their faces singed, they lie on the candied ground and look at the sky.

Rating: 5/5

Syd places a present inside her dollhouse with miniature version of herself and Kehlani. According to calendar, it was Kehlani’s birthday. She wanted to celebrate it. In her drawer, she finds some cake and balloons. It was time to continue the story online. She snaps a picture and uploads. Her ex, the real Kehlani was likely having a bunch of friends over and dancing inside her home.

Some commentators say they love the design and wish Kehlani a happy birthday. While responding to comments, she notices the upticks in orders. Her birthday story was the best-selling yet. She closes her laptop and begins to work on orders. A few fans speculate that doll Kehlani is hoping for a ring. Syd blinks back tears. It had almost happened. However, she had been bullheaded and pushed Kehlani away.

In the comments, she sees the her ex, Kehlani comment that it’s a beautiful life. Syd leans in her chair and almost falls over. She had suspected that Kehlani maybe viewed her Instagram page. However, she didn’t expect her to reply to a photo or enjoy a story. She sends a direct message and reminds herself to breathe.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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