Video Review: Duncan Sheik “Barely Breathing”

Duncan Sheik presses his hand against the window of a standalone room. Lit in flame orange, a young woman sits on the bed. Sheik sits on the same bed by himself. She stands by the door and walks. In a sky blue painted family room, he plays the guitar on a neon green couch.

Back in flame orange, she looks over at him while he stands by the door. She brushes her teeth in the bathroom and he looks up at the ceiling. He leans against the wall in the hallway. She leans against the bathroom mirror and puts her shirt on as she walks down the hallway. The elevator closes as she places her hands on the wall. He places his guitar on the couch.

Rating: 2/5

Duncan Sheik turns on the radio as he sits in the family room. The young woman walks into the family room and asks him to put it lower. She has a headache. Sheik shuts it off. It was the first sentence she’d spoken to him today. However, it was to scold him. He wasn’t sure what to do anymore. She came and went as she pleased. He had questions where she was going. But he didn’t want to know the answers.

He takes a book off the shelf and reads it. It was the third book he read in the month. The books staved off the loneliness. Being inside another world with other people, even if they were fictional, at least kept him company. He marks down the name of the next author’s book. The excerpt was a intriguing preview.

She waves and says “hello” to him and sits next to him. Picking up the book, she says it was really good and that she hoped the movie is good. He nods and says the female character was unsure of herself. She says she just wanted to explore she was. She was stuck and unhappy. Sheik says he’s going to bed. Her response seemed to be a confession. Like everything else with her, it was a question mark. In bed, she turns to him and cuddles beside him. It was a little hope things could improve between them.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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