Video Review: Jhené Aiko “Speak”

Jhené Aiko stares at her Buddha statue in her bedroom. Her black cat rests on a table. A “I’m Not Bossy. I am a boss” nameplate sits on a desk. She yawns as she sits up in bed. Hugging her chest, she smiles. She brushes her teeth in the bathroom and puts on deodorant.

Her black cat walks on the floor while she burns incense sticks over the stove. She places them in the holder and looks out the window. In the kitchen, she mops and pretends it’s a microphone. Wearing gloves, she dries a cup at the sink. She folds a tank top in the laundry room and vacuums the family room. In a split screen, she stretches (left) and jumps rope (right.) She brushes paint onto a canvas.

As she sits in bed, she pets her second cat. Wearing headphones, she sings into her microphone which is connected to her equipment. In the kitchen, she stirs spinach in the pan. Carrying her plate, she dances into the family room and turns on the television. In a split screen, she laughs and drops something on her lap (left) and she watches television (right.) She lights candles in the bathroom and takes a bubble bath.

Rating: 5/5

Jhené Aiko puts her finger under chin and looks at her painting. The swirls didn’t really pop. She brushes some blue on the line. A faded line appears on the canvas. She could’ve sworn she had some left. However, she hadn’t painted in about a year. In her drawer, she sees some other extra paint containers. But they were dried up. She grabs her keys and tells her cats she won’t be long.

She sings along with the radio and gestures with her arms. It was fun and there was no one to shame her for it. Her now ex-boyfriend would tell her to stop and turn off the radio. He told her someone could see her. She sat with her hands on her lap instead whenever they drove anywhere and let him control the radio.

At the art store, she catches up with the cashier and asks if they have a certain brand of paint. The cashier says it’s been discontinued and points her towards another brand. Aiko picks up a package of paper and signs up for a lesson. The cashier says she wants to see how her painting turns out. Aiko grins and says she’ll send her a photo once she’s done. She thinks she may frame it. Her ex-boyfriend took them down in his home and said it was just for him. However, she knew the real reason was he thought she was horrible at it.  But she had taken every single one and hung up them around her house. It was her work and she was proud of it.

Director: Brandon Barker Year: 2020


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