Video Review: Jon Pardi “Ain’t Always The Cowboy”

A young woman drives through the desert, her horse trailer hitched to the back of it. Jon Pardi plays the guitar on a patch of ground in the desert. She parks her truck and lets her horse out of the trailer. On the ranch, she puts on the saddle and rides the horse.

In the evening, she takes off her denim jacket and jeans. Wearing bikini underwear, she touches her hair in the hallway and takes a shower. In a tank top, she pulls the blanket over her and turns to face her boyfriend. Her hand on his chest, she watches him as he sleeps. She leaves the bed in the morning.

In a tan jacket, aqua blue tank top and jeans, she smiles as she pets her horse. She continues to ride. Her boyfriend rolls over and hits the young woman’s side of the bed. He sits in the back of his pick-up truck and watches her ride her horse. They hug. Leaning against the stable, he watches her lock her horse trailer and drive off.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman pets her horse as she leads him on the ranch. She thinks of the young man back in Tempe, Arizona. He had been one of her favorites. She had contemplated staying longer with him. Moving in him had crossed her mind. However, it wasn’t the life for her.

She laughs as the dances with a second young man at the bar. He tells her he needs to sit down for a moment. She tells him that he can handle another dance. The DJ starts to play a slow song. He puts his arms around her and says she’s lucky. She says she’s going to be in town for awhile and asks if there are other bars in the area. He tells her there’s one about 10 miles away. However, the young kids mainly go there. She takes his hand and says that’s where they are going next.

In the third young man’s bed, she sits up and looks out the window. The stars seemed different than in Tempe. She looks at the third young man as he sleeps. She might just stay for a little while. There was an equestrian event she had entered. One of the organizers had remembered her from when she competed as a teenager. She had said she couldn’t live a life of galas and mentoring debutantes. The rural areas of the United States were her home. The organizer had said the people will be pleased to see her. They’ve been asking about her for years. As she rides her horse, she thinks of the places she still hasn’t been.

Director: Carlos Ruiz Year: 2020

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