Video Review: SWV “Weak”

In black-and-white, a young man says to Coko, “what’s up, babe?” Coko pushes his hands back and tells him, “it’s about business.” The young man responds, “Check this out. This is how we’re gonna do this. My fighter against your fighter.” Coko blows him off and says, “whatever.” He tells them “peace” as they walk out the garage.

In color, the young man tips her hat and hugs her by the fence. Coko, Taj and Lelee sing into a microphone in a navy blue painted studio. The elevator door opens in their apartment. They hang out in the kitchen. Back in black-and-white, two young women box in a ring. Lelee darts her eyes back and forth as she watches in the front row.

Back in color, the young man and his friend sit in the sauna. His friend hands him the phone. Taj sits on the bed. Coko and Lelee join her. A young woman performs a massage on the young man. Back in black-and-white, Coko spots the young man at the match and sits next to Lelee. In color, they walk to Coko’s car. The young man pushes the young woman away while Taj smashes the register. One of his friends turns the sign in the window to closed. His friend bumps into Coko. He and his friend fight while Coko laughs.

In black-and-white, they clap and cheer as their favorite boxer wins the match. Coko stares at the young woman as she walks out with Lelee and Taj. Back in color, they drive off.

Rating: 4/5

Coko leans against the car, her arms crossed. Taj exclaims, “I almost got it!” Lelee sits in the backseat and says it’s a cool car. It’ll nice to have for a little bit. The engine starts and Taj asks them where they want to go. Coko sucks on a lollipop and says she wants to check on her boyfriend. He’s supposed to be at the spa.

Taj parks in the spa and says she sees his car. Coko jumps out and says she’ll be just a minute. Taj says she’s going to be driving around and to page her once she’s done. Coko waves and walks into the door. Once inside, she grabs a robe and changes in the bathroom. The receptionist greets her and she says to there for the young man’s party. The receptionist gives her directions.

While she sits in the corner, she eavesdrops on the young man’s conversation. He tells his friend that she’s loyal and can be trusted. He says he’ll be in charge, though. Coko smirks as she reads a magazine. His eyes widen as she takes off her hoodie. She whispers to his friend that he’s going to be listening to her. She says they are going to the liquor store afterwards. The young man’s friend nods. Coko says she’ll see him then. She pages Taj and walks to the location. She jumps in the backseat and says she has a job for them. Taj asks her, “what’ the plan?” She says it’s the liquor store. Lelee nods and taps her purse.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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