Video Review: Claire Rosinkranz “Backyard Boy”

A 16-year-old young man dances by the pool in his backyard. He swings the hose around. The water splashes on Claire Rosinkranz’s head next door. She puts her hands on the fence and catches him. He drops the hose. She dances and gestures that it’s his turn. He moves his feet and turns on the stereo. She pretends to fall and gives him a thumbs up. He holds up a car door and she waves her hand out the window.

Wearing headphones, she reads a book as she sits on a lounge chair in her backyard. The young man continues to watch her dance. Inside the young man’s home, his father crosses his arms and breaks into a dance. His mom drops a bag of groceries once she sees her husband. She shakes her hips. As his mom dances on the porch, their neighbor moves his arms as he walks his dog on the sidewalk. Three kids watch the dog run on the sidewalk as their neighbor does cartwheels. They start to dance in their driveway.

She and two of her friends sit on the couch in her home and pop bubbles as they chew gum. Across the fence, she and the young man set up a blanket. They bring cake and sandwiches. She and her friends play charades. Back by the fence, she pretends to shoot an arrow at his heart. He falls into the pool.

He splashes her again. She looks up at him by the fence. He avoids her gaze and she puts her head down as she grips the fence.

Rating: 3/5

Claire Rosinkranz doodles in her notebook after she finishes her test. An eraser drops onto the floor and she sees the 16-year-old young man, her next door neighbor, pick it up. He turns his head right away and erases his answer. She smiles to herself. He really was clumsy. Although he tried to hide it with his friends, she saw it all the time. A year ago, he was cutting grass and tripped on the lawn. He was so embarrassed about it. However, she thought it was cute. Every girl in school had a crush on him. At his basketball games, there usually was a group of girls cheering just for him.

In the hall, she smiles at him. A book slips from his grasp. She bends down to get it for him and says she hasn’t started her literary essay yet. He shakes his head and says “me, too.” He says he’ll see her in class and joins his friends.

She dips her French fry in ranch and asks her friends about the 16-year-old young man. Her best friend says he’s approachable. She shrugs and says, she prefers her guys with a bit more edge. Claire says she thinks he’s cute. She’s sort of known him forever. Her best friend slaps her arm and says she’s such a cliche. Claire says he invited her to one of his parties. Her second best friend side-eyes her. Claire admits it was back in elementary school. However. he liked her enough to want her there. Her second best friend tells her he can introduce her to some good guys. Claire shakes her head and says it wouldn’t be fair. She just likes her neighbor. Her best friend tells her to keep dreaming. Claire smirks and says she will.

Director: Matt Miadich Year: 2020


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