Video Review: Silk “Girl U For Me”

Filmed through a tan filter, a helicopter lands on a tarmac. In black-and-white, Big G,, Lil G, John John and Timzo  stand in a cage while sky blue lights flash. Back in the tan fllter, a young woman, wearing a Silk Tour jacket, talks into her radio. She waves to them with as they get off the helicopter.

They stand by the railing as they walk in the park. Big G sits on the patio at the restaurant. A young woman touches his chin as they sit down. They kiss. She takes a breadstick and runs her finger over it. Lil G takes a stick and outlines a second young woman’s body with it in the foyer. As she leans against him, he kisses her neck and tears her blouse open slowly. He unzips her dress.

They hang out in the backyard of a mansion. A third young woman feeds Timzo popcorn while in the theater room. They kiss with pieces of popcorn spilling from their mouths. Timzo eats from the container and kisses her at the same time. He pours the popcorn on her chest and eats it off her. John John kisses a fourth young woman’s neck and takes off her jacket as they make out by the piano. A fifth young woman touches her body as she stands by the stairs near the bathroom. Jimmy touches her waist and kisses her chest. He straddles her against the wall.

They sit on their motorcycles, holding onto the young women. In a tan filter, the helicopter takes off.

Rating: 1.5/5

Timzo gets a container of whipped cream, a spoon and a bottle of caramel. The third young woman exclaims, “yes, yes, yes” as he eats the food off her. He burps and she looks up. He excuses himself and runs to the bathroom. She covers her nose as he vomits in the bathroom. While he lies in the bathroom, she says she has to go.

The fifth young woman pulls her arms close to her as Jimmy stares at her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go further with him. However, he pushes her against the wall and kisses her hard. He lifts her up against the wall and she feels as though she can’t say no. He zips up his pants and says it was good to see her again. She walks out of the house, her head down.

The second young woman didn’t believe the rumors. She knew Big L was faithful to her. The fourth young woman gives her a small smile. The second young woman gives her a once-over and taps her fingers against her cheek. The fourth young woman looks down at the floor. The second young woman purses her lips. She looked like she was going to be a problem. The fourth young woman didn’t know who what was coming to her if she talked about her experience with the band.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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