Video Review: Giuffria “Call To The Heart”

Alan tunes his drums in a crammed warehouse. A crew member moves some amplifiers. Greg eavesdrops on a conversation while David talks on the phone. The young woman, wearing a royal blue slinky dress, talks with him while standing at the counter at Stratton’s restaurant.

David sings into a microphone as he stands by the amplifiers. The young woman puts her head into her hands. A janitor mops as Chuck and Craig play their guitars. She sits at the table, her hand over her wine glass. A young man passes by her and she lets out an exasperated sigh. She drinks from her glass of wine.

David watches the young woman walk past his table. Greg sits next to him and glances at her. Wearing a fur coat, she walks out of the restaurant. Against a royal blue background, they perform on the stacked shelves. Her hair blowing in the wind, she pauses on the sidewalk. She turns around and looks inside the restaurant. Setting her purse on the counter, she dials the phone. A red light flashes within the G logo as the phone rings. David turns and listens to the phone rings.

Rating: 3.5/5

David had stood her up. Again. The young woman informed her server she would be needing the check. She sets her fork on her plate with her unfinished meal. The server asked her if she wanted a box. She told him no.  She had taken the trouble of scheduling the reservation. Stratton’s wasn’t a place someone just walked into and got a seat. It took weeks. Sometimes even months. She had told him to not even come back home after rehearsal.

The phone rings again. Greg asks David if he’s going to answer it. David says he’s not. It’s just the young woman, calling to berate him again. He can’t hear anymore of it. Greg says she may want to apologize. David says he’s tired and asks if he can stay with him tonight. Greg answers “sure” as he packs his stuff.

Greg calls the young woman as David watches television in the family room. She says she’s been wondering about him all night. Greg says he’s going to need some time, though. She replies she realizes she was wrong and she’ll stay out of the way. He walks into the family room and says she’s thinking of him. David tells him she expects success right away. He appreciates her investing in his career and taking an interest in his music. But she puts so much pressure on him. Greg says he’s welcome to stay as long as he wants. David thanks him. But he’s going to have to talk to with her eventually.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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