Video Review: Internet Money, Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav “Lemonade”

A 10-year-old girl with long, aqua ponytails and a yellow painted body pours a bottle of Lyrical Lemonade into a fishbowl. Don Toliver drives a convertible underwater while a twentysomething mermaid sits in the backseat. She stretches out on the hood, her fins touching the sand. He dances by the car. Against a faded candy red background, his teeth gleam while he raps.

Small bubbles cling together while Nav raps. Against the faded candy red background, he shows off his diamond-encrusted watch. A shark follows him as he walks on the cracked ground. On the surface, an airplane flies near the sun. Toliver watches a fish eat a worm. Gunna reels in the fish as he sits on a boat. It flops inside the boat as it rocks. He stands against the faded candy red background. Toliver continues to drive underwater.

Rating: 1.5/5

The twentysomething mermaid removes some plastic from her bra top as she sits in the backseat. Don Toliver maneuvers the car through some sticky goo. The twentysomething mermaid says she’s over living under the water. Toliver tells her he’s trying to get her back home as fast as he can. His body aches and he struggles to turn. The toxic bacteria was embedded in his skin. There was no escaping it. He looks above. A thirtysomething man was checking the water.

Nav hides by a tree. The shark pauses and smells the area. It takes off. Nav sits and breathes hard. It was so close. However, he couldn’t move. The shark could be waiting for him. He had been looking for a dangling worm. But people hadn’t been able to fish in the ocean for about two months now. It was his only way out.

Gunna places his fish on ice. It was dinner for tonight. He leans back in the boat and almost falls into the water as he reels in another fish. Although the muscles in his arms burned, he was determined to get the fish. It seems like it could be a record-breaker. He wanted to the person who caught it. His eyes widen as Nav climbs onto his boat. Nav gasps for air and curls into a ball. Gunna wasn’t sure what to do. He pats Nav’s arm and says he’ll be okay. Gunna rows back to shore and alerts the park ranger. Nav smiles as the sun beats on his body. Someone pats him on the cheek and he murmurs.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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