Video Review: Big Sean & Travis Scott “Lithuania”

Big Sean and Travis Scott stand in the lobby of a hotel. Their luggage slides to the columns. The columns lead to several others by the window. In between four columns, a statute holds his arrow in the air. Against a black background, a young woman plays drums on garbage cans. Flowers prop up the garbage cans.

By the elevator, an seventysomething woman stands underneath a “Flowers” neon sign. She smiles, her hands on the table. Several vases sit on both sides of her.  She holds up a rose. Two young women peer over a dollhouse version of the hotel lobby. Scott walks down the hallway as the lights flash. He walks towards the wall and it becomes decorated with stars. The second young woman looks at a maze on the table. Big Sean opens a door in the hotel and sees a wall of stars. He waits for the elevator to open.

A third young woman holds the elevator in her hands. She lets go of it for a second. Big Sean hang onto the elevator as it falls. She rocks it back and forth. Both young women walk down the hallway at different times. In the middle of a never-ending staircase, Big Sean raps on some steps.

Big Sean raps as he sits a couch, covered with a white sheet. Scott stands in the room and glances at the white sheet on the floor. Through the window, the room appears to move at night in a city. The third young woman holds onto the room.

Rating: 5/5

The second young women places Travis Scott in the maze. She giggles as he trips over the carpet and loses his balance. He was such a clumsy man. She watches as he places his hand on the wall and finds an exist. Sometimes it took him a day or two to get through it. But there were days she could see his spirit break and it soothed her heart.

The third young woman shakes the elevator. Big Sean cries out and asks for it to stop. The third young woman drops it on the floor. Big Sean rolls onto the ground. She picks him up and puts him in the elevator. The second young woman walks to her and says it’s getting boring just watching Scott. Big Sean usually entertained him. The third young woman grabs him and says she has to give him back.

The third young woman places her hands on her hips. Big Sean was nowhere to found. The second young woman crawls on the floor. The second young woman got a thrill from hiding him from her. Big Sean was her toy. She was the one who lured him to the hotel. The third young woman raises her hand. However, her power was drained. The third young woman digs her heels into the carpet, creating holes as she leaves. Bits of electricity light up her teeth. Big Sean was hers.

Director: Mike Carson Year: 2020

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