Video Review: D.H.T. & Edmée “I Go Crazy”

The producer moves the controls in the studio. The tape, lit in candy red, records on the machine. Flor plays the piano. Edmée, wearing headphones, sings into the microphone in the studio. She thinks as she sits at the piano and writes on a sheet of paper. Flor sits next to her. They sing together.

She sits on the couch. Candles burn on the coffee table while Flor writes. The tape continues to record.

Rating: 2/5

Edmée lays back on the couch and drinks her coffee. She touches Flor’s shoulder. He asks her to scratch it for him. She asks him if he feels better. He responds, “yes.” The itch had been bothering him all day. He says he gets along better with her than any of his sisters. She gives him a small smile and excuses herself.

In the kitchen, she rinses off the coffee cup. To Flor, she’ll always be like a sister. Even though she didn’t want to, she had to move out. It was getting tough living with him, knowing it’ll be a just a friendship. He had mentioned it in the past. She had been dating someone when he had abruptly told her they had to live together. Whenever her then-boyfriend came over, Flor had glared at him. She had broken up with her then-boyfriend and waited for Flor to say something.

Whatever Flor was thought at the time must’ve been gone. He was fixated on some young woman who worked at the studio. She had flirted with him. But she had told him she had a boyfriend she loved. He had said things can change at anytime. Edmée returns back to the family room. She was going to follow his advice.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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