Video Review: Lady Gaga “911”

A young man riding a white horse spots Lady Gaga lying on the white sand. Wearing a Johannes Warnk gown and a Dead Lotus Couture mask, she gets up. A broken bicycle and some apples lie around her. She sees the young man and treks through the hills of the desert.

He leads her to a church. She walks through an arch and watches a young woman bang her head on a pillow on the ground. Gaga stands behind a multi-colored screen and crosses her gloved arms in front of her chest. Next to her, a second young woman cries as she cradles a person in a sheet. A second young man covers the young woman with a metallic coated sheet.

Wearing a Diego Montoya dress, she dances in a rustic room. A golden sheet covers the arch. Antiques sit on tables while two sculptures float in a small pool. In an olive green, off-the-shoulder peasant, she gazes at a flower as she slides by the castle. The second young man holds onto the rope and stops it while a fourth young woman shines a mirror on her. He cuts the rope.

Wearing a Karina Akopyan bra top and skirt, she moves her arms back and forth. The subjects throw rose petals as the young man rides off on his horse. The fourth young man sits on a white painted rock. A mural behind her shows an accident. The second young man puts his hand by her heart. In a floral Karina Akopyan bodysuit, she dances against a black background with a stripe of yellow tape behind her. The fourth young woman sits beside her. Two subjects arrive with a shield and stand behind Gaga. The second young man gives the fourth young woman a chest. The black curtain drops.

Wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, she stands by the shield at night and watches as the group of people point at her. She screams as the second young man puts two golden rods near her chest. The second young man, the paramedic, declares “all clear” as Lady Gaga lies on the stretcher. Her eyes wide she listens at the second young man tells her, “stay calm. Just gonna check you out.” He assures she’s okay and tells her, “you were in an accident.” She asks, “anyone die?” The paramedic says he’s has some questions to ask her. The doctor asks, “are you on any medications right now?” She says, “I didn’t have pain pills.” The doctor tells her, “everything’s fine.” She says, “my leg.” The paramedic tells her, “your leg is gonna be fine.” She responds, “I can’t feel it.”

In the car, the young man, with a bloodied face, shakes as he breathes on the airbag. A fireman stands by the marquee of the theater, which advertises the Armenian Film Festival. Gaga says, “I can’t my feel body” while two police officers direct traffic. A billboard advertises The broken bicycle lies by the White Sands National Park, New Mexico billboard. The second young woman cries in street as she holds her boyfriend in her lap. A fire hydrant on the sidewalk sprays water onto the street.

Rating: 5/5

Lady Gaga pauses, her hand on the bar. She says she has to rest for a few moments. The physical therapist says if she needs to lie down, it’s okay. Lady Gaga shakes her head and says she’s going to reach the end of the hall today. The physical therapist says that’s fine. Lady Gaga takes a couple steps and puts her head down. She slumps her shoulders and says she’s tired. The second physical therapist rolls the wheelchair to her. She sits down, her hand on her forehead.

She pushes her hamburger away. It tasted terrible. Every meal she had was horrible. She scrolls through her social media and sees a news report that the second young woman’s boyfriend died and the second young man was clinging to life. A fifth young woman says hello and introduces herself as the driver’s wife. She says she wanted to see if she was okay. Gaga says she’s in pain but otherwise fine. The fifth young woman says it’s inappropriate for her to be there and leaves.

In court, she squeezes the second young woman’s hand as the verdict is read. The jury foreman says they the find the defendant guilty. The second young woman smiles at her with tears in her eyes. Gaga hugs her and says her boyfriend can be at peace. The second young woman takes a deep breath and stands up to read her statement. Gaga folds her hands as she listens. The second young woman chokes up as she talks about her boyfriend and what he meant to her. Gaga glances over at the fifth young woman, sitting with a stern expression as her lawyer whispers to her. The second young woman walks back to her seat. Gaga tells her she did a great job. Her notes in hand, she stands at the podium and tells her story of her body won’t ever be the same again.

Director: Tarsem Singh Year: 2020

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