Video Review: Tyrese “How You Gonna Act Like That”

Driving a Range Rover, Tyrese glances a group of young men standing by a convertible in a driveway in a neighborhood. Two 7-year-old girls play jump rope on the sidewalk while several young women talk by the fence. A group of four young men play cards in the driveway.

He stands in the foyer of an empty mansion. While driving, he glances at a park bench. He sees his girlfriend touching his chin as they sit together. He parks on the curb of his home and watches a mover carry a box to the van. While he walks in the family room, he sees the furniture again. On the couch, he laughs as his girlfriend lies on his lap. He sits by the window.

They make love in bed. Lit in electric blue, Tyrese rises up in the pool at night and kisses her stomach. Tyrese dances by the pool during the day. He pauses in the hallway and puts his head in his hands. As picture frames line walls, he and his girlfriend fight. He shuts his the door of his truck. She yells at him as she walks up the driveway. The police car pulls up and they arrest him. Tyrese continues to sit by the window.

Rating: 2/5

Tyrese groans and hits the sink with the wrench. Nothing in the damn house worked. He opens his laptop and searches for plumbers. The plumber tells him he can be out by the end of the day for an estimate. Tyrese says it’s fine and makes an appointment.

He takes a left into his old subdivision. As he drives by his home, he sees the new owners had a snowman on the lawn. A gardener was tended to the flower. A young woman, wearing a designer sweatshirt and sweatpants, points to the trees as she talks with a worker. He had plans for the home. Despite moving out, he still considered it his. The worker starts to cut down tree. Tyrese steams as he sits in his car. He shakes his head and slams the door as he gets out of the truck. He tells the young woman that the tree was just planted and she can’t tear it down. The young woman instructs him to get off her property.

Tyrese rubs his hands as he sits in the cell. The guard informs he’s being let out. His brother asks him what’s going on with him. It’s the second time he’s bailed him out in a month. Tyrese explains he didn’t know what came over him. The young woman was destroying his dream. He says he was going to buy the home back. His brother says he’s only tell to him one more time: “stop going to the house and move on with your life.” Tyrese says he can’t. His brother puts his arm around him and says, “it’ll get easier.” Tyrese gulps and says he just wants to go home. His brother says he’ll be staying with him for awhile, just until things get better.

Director: N/A Year: 2002

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