Video Review: Ava Max “Naked”

Electric blue stars rush in somewhere in space. Ava Max, against a white background, holds onto her body. Lit in midnight blue, she dances within the spaceship. Lit in flame orange, she sits a desk, her hand on her cheek. Wearing a white bikini, she dances against a black background.

Wearing a white leotard with cut-outs, she continues to dance in a narrow hallway. She positions herself in a bubble while she floats against a white background. As an icicle, she melts as she lies on the handle of a bubble. Back against the white background, she wraps herself in blonde hair. She continues to dance against the various backgrounds.

Rating: 3/5

Ava Max freezes her body as she lies on the handle on the circle. An icicle drips from her arm and lands on floor. She thinks of her mother, who had remained on Earth. Living on the planet was something she had to do on her own. Her mother had told her it was dangerous. On Earth, they were out of sight and no one knew who they were. However, she wanted to she know who she was.

The human boys on Earth adored her. She had left her boyfriend back home. He wanted to keep in contact. However, she told him there was no way. He had questioned it. She had slipped and almost revealed who she really was. It was gnawing at her she couldn’t say she was an alien princess who was from another planet. He wouldn’t believe her anyhow.

An alien man hands her a rose and says it’s from an admirer. She sniffs it and searches for a vase. She asks the alien man for a vase. He shakes his head and says he doesn’t know what it means. She sighs and places it in a pool of water. It blooms and grows roots within the water. She splashes her hand in the pool, cooling her body. Someday, she’ll know who she was. The alien man puts his hand on her back. She closes her eyes, heating her body. He exclaims “ow!” as smoke singes his palm. She steps back and watches as he walks away.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2020

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