Video Review: Shalamar “Dancing In The Sheets”

Howard walks with a young woman and views the sunset in the desert. He points out the mountain to her and they continue to walk.

Against a steel blue background draped with white sheets, Howard sings into a microphone. The fifth young woman claps as she plays the keyboard. A second young woman plays the guitar. A triple split screen shows each of their faces.

Howard and the young woman climb the stairs of a factory. He looks at there as they stand at the entrance. Inside, a third young woman smokes a cigarette. A shirtless bartender slams two bottles on the counter as he serves his customer. A fourth young woman dances on stage. A thirtysomething man puts his hand on an 8-year-old girl’s chin and turns her head towards him. A fifth young woman walks up the stairs, carrying her drink and bends down to look at Howard.

Two fortysomething man arm wrestle at a table in the corner. Howard and the young woman split up as they walk around the bar. The fifth young woman pushes a second young man away from her as she leans against a column. She crosses her arms and turns to look at Howard. Howard tips his hat at her and nods his head. Two young men at at a table peer over at them. Their boss puts his hands on their shoulders and pushes them back in their seats. She leaves with him.

A third young man approaches Howard. Howard moves out of the way while the third young man punches another man. Multiple fights break out in the bar. The second young woman plays guitar on stage while Howard and the fifth young woman crouch down. They run to the door. Howard pumps his fist. The second young woman hangs onto the rope on stage and flies through a window.

Howard performs on stage with the two young women. In a triple split screen, the second young woman flies through the window again.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman scribbles notes in her book. She reaches for the payphone in the corner. The cord gets knocked out of her hands as two young men fight. She crawls on the floor, searching for Howard. A chair flies over her and she ducks. A young man helps her up. It was one of the boss’ minions. She brushes her back and says she’s grateful. He grins at her and says they need to get outside.

Howard spots the boss of the factory. The boss managed his hits and various other crimes within the nightclub. A fifth young woman tells one of his minions that she’s not interested. She wasn’t afraid of any of them. But she knew she couldn’t say no forever. The boss would come after her family. Howard meets her gaze. The fifth young woman walks with him. The boss was under investigation. They were desperate. A young man from the corner walks up to him. The fifth young woman pulls his arm as they push through the crowd.

The second young woman plays her guitar on stage. Somewhere, Howard and a young woman assessing the club. As she plays, she steps back as someone smashes a young man’s face on the stage. She glances around the audience and notices the boss’ table was empty. He was likely in his office gathering weapons. A crew member gives her a rope. She swings on it and saves Howard and the fifth young woman. Howard stands with her in the parking lot and told her she did well. The second young woman thought it wasn’t ever going to end. She was getting scared to go in there night after night. The young woman tells both women they’ll get them to their safe houses.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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