Video Review: Vedo “You Got It”

A young man turns the doorknob on the bathroom door and calls out “Rachel!” Rachel sits in the bathtub, crying. Wearing glasses and a Nike tracksuit, she sits in a chair and reads a book in the library. Vedo leans against the counter and talks with other students in the library.

Lit in electric blue, he spars with his trainer in the boxing gym. Rachel sits by the ring and wraps her wrist. Back at the library, he cleans the counter and texts on his phone. At the gym, he talks to her as she sits by the ring.  She smiles as she sits in the chair in the library. She gestures for him to come over and shakes his hand as he introduces himself.

Vedo sits with her at the restaurant. He reads off her flashcards. Rachel taps his gloves as they stand in the ring. She applies makeup in the bathroom. At the salon, she says hello to her client. Her co-worker asks her how the date went. She smiles. Her co-worker tells her, “you’re glowing!” Another client asks her about her ex-boyfriend. Rachel says, “fuck that!” The clients laugh as she and co-worker wash their hair.

In a royal blue dress, slit at the thigh, she walks out the door of her home and smiles at Vedo. Vedo takes her hand and opens the car door for her. He turns on the headlights of his car and drives off.

Rating: 5/5

Vedo dribbles the basketball on the driveway of his best friend’s house and knocks down a three. He pumps his fist. His best friend says he’s going to miss being able to hang out with him. Vedo says he and Rachel will visit when they get time off. His best friend drinks some water and says, “Rachel’s the one, isn’t she?” Vedo nods and sits next to him. Grinning, Vedo says that they should play one more game.

Rachel counts the boxes. She tilts her head and reads the lettering on them. “Vedo,” she calls. Vedo walks into the family room and raises his eyebrows. She says she feels like they are forgetting something. Vedo says he double-checked the cabinets and says they are empty. She says they are going a long way and what if she left a photo behind. She’s going to look for it and it’s not going to be there. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her it’s going to be okay. She’s going to do great. Rachel puts her head on his shoulder and tells him, “I love you.”

Vedo stirs the spaghetti noodles in the spot and puts the garlic bread in the oven. Rachel walks into the kitchen and asks him if he needs any help. He tells her he’s doing fine. She sniffs and says “something’s burning.” He exclaims, “Oh!” and groans. He takes the pan with the meatballs off the stove and says they are ruined. She says she doesn’t mind if it’s a little overdone. He gives her a knowing look. She puts the pan in the sink and says that he’s right. However, she appreciates the effort. She breaks apart some of them apart and puts them in the sauce. He gives her a hug.

Director: Jeffrey “J-Squared” Jackson Year: 2020

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