Video Review: Eternal “Oh Baby I…”

A young man stands in silhouette against an aqua wall while the rain falls outside. Louise watches the rain fall from the window. The young man washes his face with the water. Kelle leans against the wall. Easther places her hands on the wall and turns her head.

Louise sits with her head in her hands. The rain drenches the young man. Against a white background, Kelle sits on the floor while two sheets blow a gentle breeze from the ceiling. She stands within the sheet. They stand together against a coffee brown painted wall. Louise closes her eyes as she stands within the sheet. They sit together against the white background. Kelle sits on a rock against sky blue background. In silhouette, the young man stands on the rock. The clouds within the sky turn orange. The sky turns midnight blue as Kelle continues to sit on the rock.

They walk on the sand and each find different spots to stand or sit. Louise wraps herself in the sheet. Easther lies on the sand. Louise sits on the sand, the sheet around her.

Rating: 4/5

Kelle turns the air conditioner in her home. Louise sits on the porch as she reads a book. Easther watches the rain fall from the window. Vernie talks with a friend on the phone. Kelle sits next to Louise on the porch. Louise says it’s such a dreary day. Louise says the young man was walking on the beach again. Kelle says she saw him and adds that it’s the first time he’s been around in awhile.

Kelle says she’s going to take a walk. As she walks, she bends down and lets the sand slips through her hands. From the corner of her eye, she sees the young man leaning against the railing. She stands next to him and smiles. He gives her a small smile. She holds out her hand. He puts his hand in hers.

Back at home, Kelle puts on a sweater and sits on her bed. She thinks of the moment she shared with the young man. They hadn’t exchanged information or talked. It seemed to be life-changing for both of them. Wherever the young man lived, she hoped he would return again. With each visit, they were getting closer. But something deep inside her nagged at her. He was temporary and she could never love him as she wanted.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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