Video Review: Color Me Badd “I Adore Mi Amor”

Kevin, Sam, Mark and Bryan walk barefoot on the beach. They stand on a rock by shore. As they walk on the beach, they see a case. Bryan opens it. Mark, Sam and Kevin sit beside and take a look at the magazines  inside of it. Sam tries on a pair of sunglasses.

Sam lies on the hammock, staring at the Color Me Badd poster hanging on a string. He walks by the mountain and stares at a young woman leaning against it. They link arms while he gazes into her eyes. Mark grins as he checks out the young woman behind him. Back at their camp, they stare at the poster. Mark and Bryan read a magazine. Kevin walks to a boat and kisses the young woman as she sleeps. She sits up and takes his hand.

Bryan puts his magazine down on the sand and walks to the young woman as she waits for him by the palm tree. She puts her hands on his shoulder. He puts his arms around her waist as she leans into him. They hug. Mark kisses the young woman as they lie on the beach. They continue to stand on the rock.

Rating: 2/5

Kevin gets the young woman some water and fruit. He tells her it may help her feel better. She smiles and says she was so comfortable. The sun was really hot and it she had to sit down. She only meant to lay down for a few minutes. She winces. Kevin asks her what hurts. She says it’s her arm. Kevin looks at it and says she’s sunburned. He tells her to follow him to the tent. He has some ointment for her.

Bryan nods at her and says it’s good to see her. However, none of his friends knew they had been in love. It had been brief. They were better off as friends. She winks at him. Bryan gives her a small smile and returns reading his magazine. Sam exclaims, “oh my god!” He gives her a hug and says he didn’t expect to see her ever again. She says  she decided to stay.

Mark takes her hand and says he can show around the caves. As they walk on the beach, they make out. She tells him “no one can know.” He says that Kevin would understand. She’s the only person he loves. The young woman gets up and says she doesn’t know. She’s so confused. He puts his hand on her chin and says they can figure it together. Kevin watches from the palm tree and stares at the sand. He believed she was the one. In his shorts, he takes out the ring he found in the case and tosses it. Love was a lie.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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