Video Review: Jennifer Rush “I Come Undone”

A sixtysomething man turns on the radio and glances in his mirror. Jennifer Rush slumps in the backseat and listens to him talk. They pass a “Welcome” sign on the side the road. Lit in a brushed cadet blue, a young man taps his foot while he plays the guitar. They argue in the dressing room. He slams the door and she hits the mirror with her shoe. Through the cracks of the glass, she performs on stage.

Back in color, she sits in the empty theater, looking at the stage. She walks down the aisle. Lit in brushed cadet blue, she paces in the dressing room. In color, she watches him perform on stage with other members of her band. Back in brushed cadet blue, he takes a photograph of Rush and colors her outfit in red. As she performs, red slashes cross her body. He puts his hand on her shoulder as they talk in the dressing room. While he plays guitar, his silhouette grows behind him.

In the car, he puts his feet up in the backseat. The sixtysomething man gives her a knowing look while they pass the “please drive safely” sign.

Rating: 4/5

Jennifer Rush dabs at her eyes and cleans mascara off her face Her boyfriend just quit the tour. She’d have to find a replacement for him. Everyone would be asking about him. She calls up one of her friends and says she and her boyfriend broke up. He’s leaving her. Her friend tells her he’ll join the tour. She says she doesn’t know what’s wrong and that she wants to end the tour. She won’t be able to get through it with him. He tells her not to make any rash decisions. However, he can be in the next city in case her boyfriend doesn’t show up.

During rehearsal, she watches him perform. He was a star in his own right. She had to let him go. He had to build his career away from her. However, she wanted to be selfish. He usually saved his best work for her. For years, he had stayed in the background. She thinks of him tuning his guitar while another young woman sits beside him.

As she performs, she puts her arm around him and squeezes his shoulder. After the song, she tells the audience he had written the song about a fight they just had. As she read over the lyrics, she realized he had been hurting and she wasn’t seeing his side. She says she’s grateful for him, even if she doesn’t say it as much. She thanks the audience. He takes her hand while they walk off stage. She says she understands if he wants to leave. He says he was being jealous and unreasonable. She’s great and sometimes it feels as though he failed. Rush strokes his hair and tells him she wouldn’t be here on stage if it weren’t for him. He says it’s been a long night. She says tours usually get at them anyhow.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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