Video Review: Tion Wayne, Dutchavelli & Stormzy “I Dunno”

Against a rusty sky background, Tion Wayne raps by a car. A young woman stands by it with a bat over her shoulder. He and his friends dance in a warehouse. About four young men, wearing ski masks, hang out of a car and pull their guns. At night, he and his friends dance in a parking lot.

Lit in electric blue, one of his masked friends does donuts in the parking lot. A second young woman rides in the car with Dutchavelli. Dutchavelli raps in the warehouse and in the parking lot with their group of friends. Lit in ruby red, Stormzy shrugs as he raps in the warehouse with only the masked men. Wayne and Dutchavelli join him as the masked men dance.

Rating: 1/5

The masked men aim their guns at the crowd. Tion Wayne and Dutchavelli place their bets on who will win the race. One of Wayne’s car returns to the parking lot, its engine smoking. Wayne shrugs. The young man says he doesn’t know what happened and offers to pay for it. Wayne handwaves it and says he’ll just trade it in for another car. Dutchavelli announces the last call for bets. People line up as Dutchavelli and Wayne write down everyone’s bets.

A young woman swings her bat. Several people inch back. Wayne tells her she’s a doing great job. The young woman knew the rules. She was there to intimidate. Although she had to smash some headlights of people who didn’t pay. It was the masked men who frightened her, though. Wayne assured she was protected. However, she didn’t trust them. There were rumors they had killed some people who hadn’t paid. Whenever she had to relay the information to them, she tried to think of it later. She preferred not to know.

The masked men surround Stormzy. Stormzy scrolls through his phone while he talks privately with Wayne and Dutchavelli. Dutchavelli hands Stormzy his money. Stormzy says he heard on the scanner the police were on their way. The masked men shield Stormzy and say they have a hiding place for him. Wayne tells the crowd they have to go. The police sirens ring in the distance. Dutchavelli speeds off.

Director: Kaylum Year: 2020

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