Video Review: 24kGoldn & Iann Dior “Mood”

24KGoldn sits against a sunflower field background. He raps as lightning strikes in a midnight blue sky. Multiple women stand in a barn. A young woman leans against the railing, her head in hands. A filter around her head has storm clouds by her ears. A second young woman stands, the filter around her head in the shape of a halo. Iann Dior dances with him by the sunflowers in the back of the barn.

Bold, smudged inky lines bleed from the young woman’s face. A third young woman forms a lavender heart with her hands as she stands in Dior’s house. He puts his fingers on his nose while multiple versions of him lie on the couch and bed with her. He crosses his arms. She pouts and argues with him. He sits on his bed. She flips him off.

24KGoldn talks in the car with the fourth young woman. Red horns appear on the second young woman’s forehead. A snake curls around the second young woman’s neck. The fourth young woman gets ticked off at him for a picture on his phone. She walks to a teal landscape of the skyline at night and sits down, her shirt down to her elbows. He takes out his phone and she shakes her head. She picks up a bat and swings. He puts his head on the steering wheel as she flips him off.

Rating: 2.5/5

It was just a picture. 24kGoldn examines the damage on his fender. The fender was thinned from the multiple hits from the bat as it faced inward. He drives it to the auto repair shop. The mechanic asks him, “which woman?” He says his last girlfriend accused him of cheating on her. But they picture was from about a month ago and it meant nothing. The mechanic tells him it usually means something. 24kGoldn exclaims, “oh man!” and hands him his rewards card. The mechanic tells him he’ll get most of it free due to his other repairs.

Iann Dior changes his locks again. He tells the locksmith his now-ex girlfriend was angry all the time. He never did anything right. It wasn’t like they were serious, though. The locksmith asks him if she wanted it to be serious. He shrugs and says “maybe” but they agreed to an open relationship. The locksmith scoffs and tells him the amount he owes. Dior hands him a twenty and to bill him for the rest.

24kGoldn answers his phone. His ex-girlfriend say she’s so sorry. It upset her that he was looking at another girl. She asks him if she can come over. 24kGoldn says he’s busy and maybe they can get together over the weekend. Dior says he doesn’t know. 24kGoldn says he’s afraid of her and asks him if he can go with him next weekend. Dior puts the video game controller down and says he better go home. As he unlocks the door, his ex-girlfriend stands behind him. She says she was being irrational and having a bad day. He says he has to go and shuts the door. She hits the door, yelling to be let inside. He hides under the bed.

Director: Sebastian Sdaigui Year: 2020

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