Video Review: Exposé “When I Looked At Him”

A ceiling fan whirrs in the young man’s bedroom. He puts on a t-shirt and taps the receiver on the telephone. Ann lies on the bed, listening to her music while he calls her. At night, Jeanette leans against a tree in the backyard. Gioia sits in the sun room, reading a book.

Gioia kisses the second young man as they walk in the park in the afternoon. The second young man places his hands on her lap as she reads. He kisses her neck. During the day, Ann walks on the porch. She joins Gioia and Jeanette on the beach. The young man checks Ann’s door and peeks inside the window. Ann leans against the railing on the boardwalk and watches the two other couples kiss. Gioia and the second young man chase each other around the house.

Jeanette sits across from the third young man at the restaurant. He gets on his knee and holds out his palm. She stands up and they laugh. Ann carries her shoes as she walks on the beach. She turns around and sees the young man. He lifts her up in the air and they talk. Gioia and the second young make out in a chair. Jeanette leaps into the third young man’s arms. Gioia and the second young man cuddle on the sand. Gioia, Ann and Jeanette dance on the beach.

Rating: 4/5

Upstairs, Gioia giggles and says the third young man’s name. Ann and Jeanette exchange awkward glances.  Ann comments, “again?” Jeanette’s face turns red as she laughs. Ann says she’s going to take a walk. Jeannette says she’s going to get some fresh air and tend to the garden.

Ann sits on the bench and watches a thirtysomething man help his 5-year-old son build a sandcastle. A thirtysomething woman points out seashells and bring them over. She’d like to have a family someday. However, the young man she was dating seemed to be avoiding her. They hadn’t talked in a few days and he hadn’t confirmed their usual date night. She sighs as she walks on the beach. The young man calls out to her. He puts his arms around her waist and says he’s been trying to get a hold of her. She says she didn’t even know he called. He gives her a present. She opens it and smiles as she holds the answering machine. He says he’ll help her install it.

Jeanette dries her hands off in the kitchen sink and checks her watch. The third young man was going to pick her up soon. He rings the doorbell and she hugs him. She says, “let’s get something to eat.” At the restaurant, they talk about his friend’s upcoming wedding. She says she’s going to look for a dress tomorrow with Gioia and  Ann. He says he’d like to ask her something and gets down on one knee. She covers her face with her hand. He laughs into her shoulder and says she looked petrified. She says “not here.” Sitting down, he says it’ll be when she was least expecting it. She reads over the dessert menu and tells him he’s a goofball. He kisses her and says that’s why she loves him so much.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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