Video Review: Juliet Roberts “Caught In the Middle”

A red heart hangs in the sky. Juliet Roberts moves the flame orange sand with her hand and sees a painting of the sky underneath it. She dances with a border of flowers around her. Clapping her hands, she turns on a wooden platform.  She dances by some bare trees. Against a red background, several people clap their hands. She continues to dance within the border. The big heart appears in the middle of the screen after she walks away.

Rating: 3/5

Juliet Roberts sees a young woman with two things. She tells she can go ahead of her. The young woman thanks her. It was only a few extra minutes. She takes a magazine off the rack and dismisses the gossip. The gossip was toxic and she was trying to get away from it.

She returns home and sees her answering machine blinking. As she unpacks her groceries, she listens to the young man’s message. He got invited to a party and wanted to know if she wanted to go with him. She listens to it a couple of more times and thinks of what to say. About two hours later, she calls him back and tells him she’d like to go with him.

While they drive to his friend’s house, he asks her if she’d like to date only him and be his girlfriend. She’d like their relationship to be exclusive. At the party, she grins as he introduces her as his girlfriend. She thinks she’s falling for him. However, it been so long. She wasn’t sure if the excitement was real. It was an welcome emotion, though. As he drives her home, she stares at the stars and makes a wish. Somehow, she knew it would come true.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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