Video Review: Keith Urban & P!nk “One Too Many”

A guitar and sheet music floats in the sea. Pink looks over her shoulder as she stands barefoot on the shore. Keith Urban lies on a couch as he floats in the ocean. He sits up and watches the sunset. Pink sits by the shore while he plays the guitar on the couch.

Urban stands up and holds a flare. A young woman talks with a young man as they sit on a loveseat in the ocean. A second young man and second young woman argue on opposite ends of the couch. The second young man reaches over to the second young woman as the couch rocks. They cuddle on the couch.  A third young man arm wrestles a fourth young man as they float on their couches. A fifth young man splashes water with his foot. A 16-year-old young woman sits backward on a recliner as she scrolls through her phone.

Urban raises his guitar in the air as he sits on the couch. The fourth and fifth young man toast each other as they drink from their beer mugs. Pink dances by the shore.

Rating: 2.5/5

Pink kisses Keith Urban’s forehead and places a sheet over him in bed. She puts a bucket by him and walks to the kitchen. In several drawers, she finds some flasks and empties them in the sink. She tiptoes to the living room and opens a filing cabinet. Tucked in the back, she finds two bottles and puts them under her arm.

Keith Urban passes by the bar on his way home from work. He puts on his turn signal and then swerves back into the lane. He promised Pink he’d be right home. He had to do better. She was depending on him. As he pulls into the driveway, he sees the blinds closed. He knocks on the door and opens it with the key. It was a note from Pink, telling him she went for a little while.

Pink drinks a glass of wine as she laughs with some of her friends. Her best friend tells her to have some more. She puts her hand underneath her chin and says “yes.” She knows she should be an example for Urban. But she needed to forget. She orders two more drinks. Her friends ask her if she wants a ride. She slurs that she’s fine. On her phone, she types to Urban that’s she conflicted and doesn’t know what to do. She’s thinking of leaving but she loves him so, so much. Urban finds her location on the app and heads to the bar. As he carries Pink to the car, he tosses the flask in the parking lot. He lost the desire to drink.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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