Video Review: Sigala & James Arthur “Lasting Lover”

A disco ball rocks on the floor. Laying against a ruby red pillow, James Arthur sits in the back of a car, holding onto the disco ball. A young woman looks out the farm land as she sits in the backseat of a car as it drives through the country. She waves her hand through the air and sniffs a flower. The cars drive as part of a caravan down the road.

The cars continue to drive into the night. Lit in scarlet red, she rests her head against the seat. Arthur sits on the hood of his car in a parking lot. People watch as the fireworks go off. A person holds a sparkler. She gets out the car and walks. Arthur sits in the backseat while the fireworks continue to go off. She sits on top of the hood of her car. A person’s hand reaches for someone else’s. She glances over her shoulder.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman turns her head. James Arthur says he didn’t know she was here. The young woman grins and says she was running late and barely found a space in the car. She says it was a such a lovely day for a drive in the car. Arthur says he has something for her. The young woman responds, “okay.” She wasn’t sure what he meant. They only met one time before at the club.

She puts her hand over her mouth while he walks to her with the disco ball underneath his arm. He hands it to her and she asks him how he managed to get it. He says he had to pay the owner a decent amount of money. She says she’s going to hang up in her family room. He says he found out the club closed now. It’s an empty space. She says she wanted to make it back there one more time. He says he had gone a couple of times. She says she tried but couldn’t.

He points out a firework in the shape of a heart to her. She says it was a pretty one. He says there are some people missing this year. She nods and says she wished she could’ve said goodbye. He says the memorial was tough to get through. She tells him it’s been a difficult year. He tells her he’ll be in town next month. She says they’ll have to meet up.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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