Video Review: Iggy Azalea & T.I. “Change Your Life”

Based on the 1995 film, Showgirls, Nomi (Iggy Azalea) walks on the diving board of the pool in the backyard of her home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wearing a gold chain-link bikini top and red bikini bottom, she touches her face as she sits on the diving board.

At the Plaza Hotel and Casino, she sits on the bed with a tiger next to her. Back at home, she gets out of the pool with red pasties on her nipples. Wearing a sequined headdress and bodysuit, she dances on stage. Carver (T.I.) walks through a beaded curtain. Nomi helps one of her co-workers put on a plastic cowboy hat. A second young woman exhales smoke as she lies on a table in the dressing. Nomi shakes her head as she sees Carver in the dressing room.

In the parking lot, she rubs against James. Lit in electric blue, Carver stands by his car. Police sirens blare. Nomi dances by the Cheetah’s sign. Two police officers escort her out of the club. She smashes a suitcase of money over Carver’s car. A pair of dice rolls and catches on fire on his car. She rap inside the police car.

Rating: 5/5

Nomi wrings her hands as she walks out of the cell. Sneering at the guards, she touches her breast and leaves with one of the managers at the club. While the manager drives her back home, he tells her she can still get out. He can see it’s not the life for her. Nomi tells him she doesn’t need a lecture. She’ll be okay. He says he can stay with him tonight and promises her to find her a decent lawyer.

In the closet, she sorts through the tops and jeans. As she puts on a pair of jeans, she tells her manager it’ll cost him. Her manager gives her some money and says he doesn’t need anything else. She sits on his lap while he shifts in his chair. He gets up and says he’s going to make breakfast for them.

Nomi searches through the drawers and finds a gun. She tucks it in her bag and heads downstairs. He gestures to the kitchen and tells her the eggs are ready. She puts on a smile and says it looks delicious. He says he’ll talk to the owner about her shifts. Nomi says she has decided to make a fresh start and live a better way of life. He says he’s proud. She points the gun at him and says he’s going to drive her to the airport. He puts his hands up and says he’ll do whatever she wants. He gets his keys and says he’ll set her up with an apartment. She smiles at him and says she’s going to need some credit, too. He hands her one of his credit cards. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him they have to go.

Director: Jonas & Francois Year: 2013

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