Video Review: Maluma “Hawái”

At night, lit in electric blue, Maluma and the young woman (Yovanee Ventura) talk in his car. She comments “the relationship is becoming toxic.”  As she gets out the car, he asks, “what the hell do I do now?” She slams the door. She tells him, “you just don’t get it. I can’t continue like this.” He gets out of the car, saying, “always looking for excuses!” She walks by him, telling him, “fuck you.”

Lit in scarlet red, Maluma breathes hard into a punching bag in a gym. He shakes his glass of Hennessey at the bar. The young woman crawls into bed with her boyfriend. They take photo on her phone and she captions it, “Mi Cielooo (my love.)” She rests her head on the pillow while he sits up, scrolling through his phone. Maluma sits on his bed and watches the train by go by. On the window. videos of the young woman and her boyfriend play. The young woman crawls into bed with Maluma. In a bathing suit, she walks in the backyard and leans against a tree. She kisses Maluma in bed.

At her home, the young woman cries as she covers her face with her veil. She forces a smile and walks with her bouquet down the aisle. The priest smiles at them. Maluma admires her as she stands with her boyfriend. He walks down the aisle, proclaiming his love. A family member pushes him away. She listens as he talks to her. The security guards punch him out. Maluma throws a punch. However, one of the security guards knocks him out. They drag him down the hallway and take him to the driveway.

He takes off in his car. The young woman turns the key in the convertible and follows him to the end of the subdivision. He sees her in his mirror. Back at night, they sit in the car and talk. He tells her, “I think you are looking for excuses to break up with me.” In the subdivision, she hugs him and asks him, “please forgive me. I’m confused. I love you.” Back in the car, she says to him, “I’m not happy.” He tells her, “happy? I’m giving you my everything. I don’t understand.” In the subdivision, he breaks away from her, saying, “I can’t, my love.” She calls out, “por favor (please).” He sits in bed.

Rating: 5/5

Wearing a bra and panties, the young woman walks around Maluma’s house and pours herself a glass of wine. She gets him a bottle of his favorite liquor. She hands it to him as he lies in bed. He says, “to us” and they clink their glasses together. She rests his head on her shoulder and tells him they’ve had a interesting ride. He turns to her and opens the jewelry box. She splashes some wine as she squeals. He puts the ring on her finger.

The young woman sniffs some peaches at the farmer’s market. Her ex-boyfriend stands next to her and asks her how she’s doing. She puts her hand on her cheek, giving him a view of her ring, and says she’s not doing too badly. He touches her hand and asks if it was Maluma. She says they finally decided end the drama. Her ex-boyfriend scoffs.

She walks into the house and drops the groceries on the floor. The second young woman gasps and says she has the wrong idea. The young woman screams at her get out of her home and pulls her onto the sidewalk. Maluma races to the front door and tells the young woman it’s fine. The second young woman is a real estate agent. He’s having the house appraised. She says, “really?” The second young woman hands her a business card. The young woman reads it and introduces herself. The second young woman says it’s nice to meet her. Maluma says he wanted to surprise her. She shakes her head and says she can’t quite trust him. Maluma side-eyes her and says, “you broke up with me to marry that other guy.” The young woman says “that other guy never kept secrets from her.” He puts his hands up and says maybe he made a mistake. She throws the ring on the ground and declares that it’s over. Maluma shrugs and picks up the ring.

Director: Jessy Terrero Year: 2020

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