Video Review: Dido “Thank You”

A construction crew stands outside Dido’s home. Two young men, wearing suits, walk up to her porch. The first young man places an eviction notice on her door and pounds on it. They look through the windows. She leans against the column in her kitchen. The first young man opens the door. She leaves the kitchen.

She sits on her bed while the police enter her home. The police officers remove furniture while she zips up her hoodie. She grabs her hair dryer from one of the officers and walks into the kitchen. While the officers pack up her knickknacks in tissue, she makes herself some tea. The two young men in suits walk her out of her home. A young man on the construction man gives the thumbs up to the second young man in the truck. The second young man runs over her fence. She takes one last look. The claw of the truck destroys her home.

The two young men clink their coffee cups as Dido walks away.

Rating: 2/5

Dido receives the notice about a meeting about the building. She throws it in the trash. Every so often, companies made offers for the land. Her neighbors fought it every time. She flips through a magazine and circles some furniture. On a sheet of paper, she writes down the name of some landscapers. She envisioned a garden for her lawn and backyard.

Her boss asks her to speak with her in his office. Her boss explains they have do some layoffs and unfortunately, she has to let her go. There is no severance package. Dazed, Dido gets up and thanks her boss. She takes the box and fills it with her things. Her co-workers give her a sad smile and tell her she’s going to be fine.

She makes a left while the yellow light blinks. A car crashes into her. The young man gets out of the car and yells at her. He shouts that he was right there and she should’ve stopped. Tears spring from her eyes and apologizes. The young man calls the police. She gives her statement the police and takes the ticket. The day couldn’t get any worse. She calls up her boyfriend and cries as she tells him she’s a horrible person. He tells her to calm down and says he’ll be right over. She stands in the parking lot and watches as the police clean up from the accident. He runs up to her and asks if she’s okay. She sobs in his shoulder while he tells her they will figure things out.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2001

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