Video Review: City High “What Would You Do?”

While sitting on the stoop, Ryan tells Claudette, “Bottom line, Lonnie is a..” Robbie nods in agreement. Claudette tells him not to call her friend any names. She asks, “what if you were in her shoes and taking care of his kids? What would you do?”

They dance inside a studio. Robbie and Ryan walk downstairs and watch as men throw money at young women. A young woman (Bianca Lawson) takes off her top. Ryan pulls her aside and talks with her on the rooftop. Claudette sits in her kitchen and looks at the magnets on the refrigerator. Two police officers handcuff a young man. A second young woman kisses Ryan’s cheek on the bed. The young woman’s 5-year-old boy joins her in the kitchen.

Back on the stoop, Robbie says to Claudette, “something just ain’t soundin’ right. You’re trying to tell me your girlfriend couldn’t go out and get a regular job? If I ever ran into your girlfriend, I’d probably say…” They dance on the rooftop. Robbie and Ryan watch the young women dance at the strip club. Lit in sea green, the young woman applies makeup on her face Ryan mocks her as he throws a dollar bill at the young woman. The young woman runs out of the club. At home, the young woman picks up her child and hugs him.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman grinds on Robbie’s lap. Robbie pays her a dollar and says it’s to gain some self-respect. She tucks the dollar in her bikini bottom and stands up. As she leaves, Ryan grabs her arm and says it’s his turn. Ryan tells her she had so much potential when they were kids. Now she’s nothing. The young woman pinches his thigh as she gets up. She tosses his dollar back at him and walks away. Her manager asks her, “what’s going on? They are regular customers” and informs her if she does it again, she’s fired.

Over her shoulder, she watches as the manager orders them drinks on the house and gestures for her to come back. She heaves a sigh and reminds herself that it’s for her son. After she finishes the dance for them, she says it’s the end of the shift. She walks home and calls out that she’s back. Her son runs over to her and hands her a picture. He tells her it’s for her office. She grins and hugs him. She says she’ll place it on her desk. Claudette tells her he was good and that they mainly played board games. She thanks Claudette and asks her to please talk to Robbie and Ryan. They are harassing her at work. Claudette shakes her head and says she’s disappointed in them.

Robbie calls his girlfriend a bitch for standing up to him. Ryan tells him the bitch has to got to learn who’s boss. Claudette tells him he deserved it. She tells them both that they aren’t who she thought they were. They are cruel and misogynistic. She says doesn’t want to be their friends anymore. Robbie and Ryan shrug and tell her nobody’s crying if she goes. Claudette’s lips tremble as she walks home. She didn’t think they would turn on her. They were her best friends.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

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