Video Review: Anita Baker “Same Ole Love (365 Days A Year)”

As Anita Baker sits in the backseat of the car, she sees the Detroit News building in Detroit, Michigan. She passes by the The Penobscot, General Motors Building and Hitsville USA. A teacher walks around the classroom as the 10-year-old children write on their sheets. She sits at a desk.

She sings into a microphone across the street from the Reverend Walker Fellowship Hall. Some people circle her as as she skates at a rink. Back in the car, she drives through the neighborhoods in downtown Detroit. She sings by the tables in Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. Wearing a winter coat, she puts her hands in her pockets as she sings inside Joe Louis Arena.

Rating: 3/5

It was good to be home again. Anita Baker puts her suitcases on the floor and sits on the couch. She reads the Detroit News and flips to the feature about Steve Yzerman in the sports section. He was expected to break some records at the hockey game tonight. She fumbles inside her purse and finds the tickets. It was her first game of the season. Usually, she went multiple times a month. However, work had been hectic for her and there wasn’t any time. She had to settle for watching the games in the hotel rooms.

Her cousin picks her up and they head to Greektown for dinner. She orders a chicken gyro and a plate of rice. Her cousin laughs and says she’s always orders the same things. Baker responds she misses it when she’s not at home. Her cousin checks the time and says they should get going. They find a spot in the parking structure and walk to the arena.

Baker jumps up and down as Yzerman scores several goals. Her cousin throws an ocotopus on the ice. They cringe as the players fight. Baker says she hopes Yzerman is okay. Her cousin says he doesn’t seem to be too beat up. After the game, Yzerman signs an autograph for her and talks with her by the locker room. Her cousin says it was great to meet him. Baker puts on her coat and hat. Snow had fallen on the pavement. Her cousin sighs and says there wasn’t supposed to be snow. Baker says, “it’s Michigan. In another hour, it’ll be autumn again.” Her cousin holds onto her as they walk to the parking structure.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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