Video Review: Justin Bieber & Chance The Rapper “Holy”

A digital clock says 5:17 a.m. inside the Motel 1 room. A cross with Jesus on it hangs on the wall. A dog barks in the distance as Justin Bieber wakes up. He turns to his look at his girlfriend (Ryan Destiny), who smiles. Two heart coffee mugs sit by the sink.

His face caked with grease, he turns a lever as he works on an oil rig. His girlfriend moves the curtain at the nursing home. She sits on the bed and gives a seventysomething man flowers. She and Bieber sit by the closet and watch the sunrise. He talks to her as he lies on her lap. She dances with the residents and gives a sixtysomething man a high-five while they play Bingo. The seventysomething man shows her a photograph. She rubs his hand while he sleeps.

Bieber and the crew wait for the boss to start the meeting. The boss says, “It’s sad for me to make this annoucement but we have to shut down the plant. I know it’s due to the current and ongoing global situation. You have been incredible employees. There is no way we can possibly stay afloat at this particular point in time.” Bieber and several members take of the crew take off their hard hats. Bieber looks at a photo of his girlfriend. Their boss continues, “I want each and every one of you to know you are highly valued. We’re going to…I’m truly sorry.” Bieber puts his duffel bag in the back of his pick-up truck. He gets in the car and puts the key in the ignition. The car doesn’t start. He opens the hood. His girlfriend walks to the seventysomething man’s room and sees a nurse take his box of photographs. She sits on his bed and cries.

Bieber walks on the road. Chance The Rapper raps inside a greenhouse while Bieber stands behind, his hands folded in prayer. The manager of the motel throws their things over the railing. He puts an eviction notice on the door and yells at them for leave. She slides against the door in tears as Bieber holds her. Lit in midnight blue, they stand in the street, their suitcases next to them. As they walk, a thirtysomething man (Wilmer Valderrama) sees them and asks, “hey, you folks all right?” Bieber responds, “We’re good, we’re good.” The thirtysomething man asks them, “where you guys heading?” Bieber says he doesn’t know. The thirtysomething man says, “I’m heading in the direction of a warm meal, if you guys are up to it.” They get in his car.

The thirtysomething man opens the door and says, “buenas noches!” His children run to hug him. His wife gives him a kiss. Bieber and his girlfriend join hands with the thirtysomething man’s family and say a prayer before dinner. Bieber continues to walk on the road alone.

Rating: 5/5

Justin Bieber hangs up the cross on the wall of the apartment. The cross was given by him on his parents as a Confirmation gift. He hung it by his bed. Even when he questioned his faith, he knew God was always there. He took the cross with him when he moved in with his girlfriend and his parents. Once she got a job at the nursing home, they moved into their first apartment.

But they couldn’t survive on her paycheck alone. His work had been sporadic and he eventually lost his job. She worked almost 70 hour weeks and had to quarantine several times. He knew they would persevere. However, he couldn’t handle it if she got sick. She was his lifeline. The manager of the motel kicked them out and said they had to get out. Her parents had passed from the virus earlier in the year. His mom had moved to another state. They had nowhere else to go.

A soldier saved them. He gave them a place to stay for a few nights. They went to the local church and were able to find help. Bieber worked at the church as a janitor. A non-profit organization set them up with some housing. Every Sunday, they went to church with the soldier’s family and had dinner with them. Sometimes, they babysat his children. The soldier had become family to them.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2020

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