Video Review: Anitta, Cardi B & Myke Towers “Me Gusta”

Anitta, wearing a neon yellow off-the-shoulder tank top and floral knee-high boots, puts on headphones as she sits on the windowsill of her apartment in Salvador, Brazil. She dances by the building. As she walks out of the building. she holds onto the tip of her oversized floral hat.

Wearing square, oversized glasses, a black bra, a neon green leopard print jacket and pants, she walks past the young women standing by their doors. Each young woman wears a couture piece. She plays the drums with a band. Several young women, wearing red Dida shirts and skirts, dance.

Cardi B, wearing a floral slit skirt and lavender bra top, sits on the steps with Anitta. Cardi B stands in the center of the balcony. Several young women stand by the windows, wearing couture. Anitta, wearing a rainbow dress, stands by the white carpeted steps. The young women stand on the both ends of the steps.

Myke Towers and Anitta dance in the streets. A young woman walks out the building, wearing a royal blue buttoned up dress. A second young woman walks after her, wearing a red puffy blouse and red pants. Cameras flash as the young women walk on the runway. Anitta puts her arm around Towers as she walks on the runway. Cardi B walks down the runway.

Rating: 4/5

Anitta pumps her fist as she scores in a game of tennis at the hotel in Salvador in Brazil. Cardi B tells her it was a good game. A server hands them a glass of champagne. Cardi B tips the server and says she’s going to the bar. Anitta fans herself and says she’ll meet her after she sits on the lounge chair. Anitta stretches out on the lounge chair and closes her eyes.

Cardi B gives the bartender a slap on her as they talk. She finishes her drink and sighs as she sees Anitta sleeping. She taps Anitta on the arm, waking her up. Anitta puts on her shoes and says they are late for their massage. Cardi B explains the situation to the host. Anitta apologizes for being tardy. The host says she was able to find them room.

Cardi B points out a dress as they sit in the front of the fashion show. Anitta says she’s going to speak to the designer. Cardi B whispers she’s having a hard time choosing which pieces to order. During the after party, Cardi B takes photos with the designer. The designer tells her she must be in her next show as a guest. Cardi B tells her she’d be honored. Anitta says it was wonderful. The designer says she has some sample pieces she put aside for her and Cardi. Cardi B says they’ll see what they can find. The designer says for them to take whatever they want.

Director: Daniel Russell Year: 2020

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