Video Review: Bad Company “If You Needed Somebody”

Filmed through a faded tan filter, Brian pauses at the flagpole of his high school and walks down the hallway. He takes off his sunglasses. A group of teenagers walk to their lockers and into classrooms. A 17-year-old Brian stands in the corner of the hallway and watches a 17-year-old young woman fix her bangs in her mirror. She closes her locker and sees him.

The band performs on stage. Brian stands by the fence. Seventeen-year-old Brian sits on a bench by the fence and stares at her while she talks to her friends. The young woman looks at the ground and he gazes at her again. He jots down notes as he sits on the piano bench. The young woman plays basketball with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend lifts her up as she laughs. They make out by a tree. She looks at him while her boyfriend kisses her neck.

As he walks towards the bleachers, she leans against the fence, her hands in her boyfriend’s varsity jacket. She listens to him play piano in the music room. He follows her under the bleachers and they kiss. On Monday, he sits on the steps and watches as she kisses her boyfriend in his car. He stands up as she gets out the car. She glances at him and walks away.

Rating: 5/5

Brian shuffles his feet as he waits outside the classroom. His crush, now in her mid-30s like him, puts her hand on her heart and excuses herself. He says he received the letter in the mail about his daughter. She blushes and gestures for him to come inside.

She sits with her hands folded and says his daughter has potential. However, she’s not applying herself. She shows him a copy of a B- essay. He says, “my wife and I are proud of her.” Shrugging, he says, “it’s not a big deal.” He gets up from his chair and says if there’s nothing else, he has to get back to work. She tells him, “wait!” He stops and turns to look at her. She says she recognized the last name and his daughter resembled him so much. She had to get out a yearbook to compare the two. She had to know. He tells her it’s good to see her but he has to go. She asks if they can talk sometime. He answers that he doesn’t think it would be appropriate.

He heaves a sigh as he walks down the hallway. In his early 20s, he would have given anything for her to say she wanted to spend time with him. However, she chose someone else over him every time. His now-wife had told him at a party he was wasting his time on a young woman who could care less about him. He talked to her about his heartbreak and hung out with her. About a year later, he started to date his now-wife. Without his now-wife, he wouldn’t have traveled to Europe or had his daughter. Sometimes, he thought about the young woman and hoped she was doing well. But it didn’t go any further. He wouldn’t change anything about his life.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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