Video Review: Maxi Priest “Some Guys Have All The Luck”

Brushed in cornflower blue, Maxi Priest turns his head on the left side of the split screen. He dances against a white background on the right. The white background becomes the full screen. It changes to him, sitting by the window, brushed in cornflower blue. He takes off his glasses and looks out the window.

Against the white background, two young women sing into microphones as he continues to dance. They dump buckets of water on him. Back in cornflower blue, a young man plays saxophone on the steps of the fire escape. The two young women link arms with him as he dances against the white background.

Rating: 3/5

Maxi Priest scratches his forehead and bites his lip. The young woman told him he was a nice guy. However, she wasn’t interested. He pays the check at the register. The server asks about his meal. He tells her it was fine and walks out, his hands in his pockets. He takes a walk and notices a “for lease” sign on the storefront of his favorite clothing store. He finds his car keys and walks to the parking lot.

A second young woman turns to him in line at the grocery store and says “the wait here is always so long.” Priest tells her they should hire some more people. The second young woman nods and says they only reason she comes back is for their soup section in the deli. He asks if she ever tried the French onion soup. As she puts her things on the conveyor belt, she says she could eat it all the time. He says he was disappointed when they discontinued the tortilla soup. She grins at him and hands her credit card to the cashier. He jots down his name and number. She says she’ll call him.

Priest straightens the pillows on the couch. It’s been almost a week and the young woman hadn’t called. However, it was nice to talk to someone who was friendly. The phone rings and he answers it. The young woman asks for Maxi. He says that’s him. She says they met at the grocery store. He says he remembers her. They talk for about an hour or so. He hangs up, a smile on his face.

He checks his watch at the diner. The young woman was supposed to be there about a half hour ago. He calls her and gets the answering machine. Oh well. It had been a exhilarating few days. He orders his dinner and keeps watching the door. The server asks him how he’s doing. He says he’s fine and eats his soup. While calculating his bill, she stares at him every so often.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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