Video Review: Kylie Minogue “Magic”

A shot of white light flashes inside Fabric in London, England. A swirl of neon pink rings around Kylie Minogue as a young woman dances. Wearing a golden dress, she swings a wand back and forth by her chair on the raised platform. She watches as people dance.

Wearing a jumpsuit and a red bra top, she touches the wand on the dancefloor. In a vintage teal dress, she dances with the people on the dance floor. Back in the golden dress, she twirls her wand as two crystallized dancers levitate. A sheer sheet rises as she stands by the two crystallized dancers. She appears on the dancefloor and hits it with her wand. Neon pink swirls spread out on the floor. Bits of gold sparks emit from her hand as she snaps her fingers. She points the wand on the dance floor again.

Rating: 2/5

Kylie Minogue claps her hands and another DJ appears inside the booth. She gets up from her seat and dances to the new set. Waving her hand, she changes the outfits of several the dancers. Some of the dancers turn into golden silhouettes. She touches the shoulder of a young woman and imbues her with some magic. The young woman soars across the room.

Minogue shakes her hips and changes into a different outfit. She sips from her glass of wine and returns to her chair. Some people were sitting. She points her finger and they dance on the floor. The people point to her and she joins them. She asks them when they obtained magic. The young woman says a few years ago. Her friend comments it’s a shame it only works in the club. Minogue says they have to be responsible about it. She says it takes about 5 years or so until you use it around the house.

She smashes the wand onto the dancefloor. Goldens sparks fly everywhere. Some people run out. A few get burned by it. The fire alarm goes off. She points her wand towards the smoke and nothing comes out. As she shakes it, a message slips out that her powers had been suspended. Minogue puts her wand under her arm and walks out of the club.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2020

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