Video Review: The Deele “Shoot ‘Em Up Movies”

At the Los Feliz Theatre, “Shoot ‘Em Movies” is advertised on the marquee. Satin purchases the tickets from the clerk as Babyface, Satin, Dee, Stick, Kayo and L.A., Tuck stand by him in line. Polly tells a fortysomething man, “sorry, but we are out of butter, sir” as she works behind the concession. The fortysomething man exclaims, “what? I told you I wanted butter! Give me money back.” Satin turns around and hears the fortysomething pound the counter, demanding his money. His friend snatches the money away from her. Satin calls out, “hey man, why won’t you leave the girl alone?” The fortysomething man and his friend back off. Polly swoons as he stares at her.

They sit and the movie, “The Deele Rides Again.” In black-and-white, Polly rides a horse as she tries to fend off several cowboys behind her. They lead her by rope to a home. The cowboys tie up her in a chair. Back in the auditorium, Polly finds a seat and eats from a bowl of popcorn. Satin sees her and sits by her. He puts his arm around and eats some popcorn. In black-and-white, L.A., Satin, Dee, Stick, Kayo and Tuck point their guns at the fortysomething man’s house. The fortysomething man peers out the window and shoots. In theater, the film unravels. Satin laughs into Polly’s shoulder. In color, the Deele perform on stage on the screen.

In black-and-white, Polly bites the ropes and frees herself. She hits one of the cowboys with a pan and knocks him out. She calls for help. The fortysomething hold her at gunpoint. On stage, Polly dances with Satin. In black-and-white, the fortysomething man lets her go. Satin punches him and smiles at the camera. He asks for Polly. Polly gets up and joins him. They hug. In the theater, Satin turns around and sees a hologram of Polly standing in back. He walks to her and holds her hand.

Rating: 5/5

Satin twirls his gun as he patrols his home. Polly sets dinner on the table. Satin was a decent, hardworking man. He had saved her life. After he rescued her, they shared a kiss. They married the next day. Polly calls out that dinner’s ready. Satin tells her they are safe. However, he’s concerned about his friends. They just disappeared. While they eat, Polly says she hasn’t seen anybody in weeks. She thinks things have calmed down. Satin comments something is off. His friends are nowhere to be found.

He kisses Polly and tells her he has a mission. He tells her she’ll be safe. But he has to know where his friends are. He heads towards the mountains. Scraping the ground with his boot, he sees their blankets and tent. He peeks inside and sees it’s empty. A horse runs over to him. He pets the horse and asks if he knows about his friends. The horse nudges him. He rides the horse back into town.

Polly sews a Satin’s shirt and drops the thimble. She races to the bathroom and vomits. Touching her stomach, she grins. Life was growing inside her. Satin was going to be so happy once he gets back. Perhaps they could celebrate with his friends. Satin feels butterflies as he walks. As he sets up camp, he thinks of Polly and of how much he misses her. He’ll search another day and return back home.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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