Video Review: Sam Smith “Diamonds”

Silver lightning strikes against a black background. A breeze blows into an empty room as Sam Smith sits on the floor. They stand up and stares at their open palm. They lie on the floor and pull up. While they turn, they move their hand over their stomach. They flex their muscle and run their hand over their head.

A flash of neon green hits him as they dance. They lie on the floor, with their shirt open, and touch their face. They sit on their knees and raise their arm. At night, they turn their wrist as they stand, soaked from the pouring rain. They let the rain fall on their palms. They pound the grass and touch their chest. Back in the house, they bang the wall. In the rain, they put their hands in the back of their head. They stretch out their hands on the window and look down.

Rating: 2/5

Sam Smith drops a box off at the charity shop. They hopes it was the last one. All together, it had been the third trip. They kept finding their ex-boyfriend’s things around the apartment. They think it was done on purpose. The ex-boyfriend paraded the diamonds they bought him. Smith was proud of it at first. They were letting their boyfriend know they were loved.

Smith was truly in love. They talked of marriage and perhaps moving into a new home. Their ex-boyfriend had chosen the neighborhood they wanted to live. However, their boyfriend fell for someone else. It was as though their world collapsed. Nothing was certain anymore. They thought to themselves they wouldn’t put themselves through another breakup.

They drive past one of the charity shops. As they sort through the racks, they find the Louis Vuitton shirt. They put it against their chest and take it to the register. The cashier tells them they have a good taste. Smith responds with a smile and pays. They takes it out the bag and sets it against the set. It’ll be ok to miss their ex-boyfriend for a little bit.

Director: Luke Monaghan Year: 2020

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