Video Review: Shannon “Do You Wanna Get Away”

Shannon checks her watch as she walks on the sidewalk in the morning. She breaks into a job. As she walks up the steps of the subway, a young man bumps her hand away. They gaze at another.

Her boss walks over to her, cigar in hand, and yells at her while she sits at her desk. She rolls her eyes and continues to type. On her screen, she sees the young man walk out of his car and take her hand. He dances in the street. With rose pink swelling behind her, she performs on stage. Lit in electric blue, he reaches for her as he stands in the street. His hand cuts through the glass of the screen and he grabs her. She dances with him on stage.

Lit in electric blue, she walks as her assistants hold back the fans and photographers on the sidewalk. The young man waits for her. Her assistants get into the car. She smiles as she gets thrown back into the office. Her bosses wag their fingers at her. She walks out of the office and grins once she see the young man’s car. He takes her hand and she gets inside. Back in the office, her co-workers shake their heads as they watch her leave with him on her computer.

Rating: 5/5

Shannon eats brunch and reads the newspaper. A young woman comes up to her and asks if she can have an autograph. Shannon nods and signs her napkin. The young woman says she wants to be like her. Shannon smiles and tells her to always keep trying.

As she walks down the sidewalk of the city, she glances at the old office building where she used to work. The company that fired her had been out of business for awhile now. She hadn’t been surprised by it. Managers hovered over her shoulder and picked apart every thing she did. It had gotten to the point she just didn’t care. She walked out of the office with her pencil holder and never looked back.

As she walks into her mansion, she overhears the young man discuss a business deal. She waves to him and he smiles. She sits on the couch and turns on the television. The news stations were talking about her new movie. She glances at the young man. She had gone on dates with him in between shifts at the store. He had told her it was okay to quit. He’d take care of her and she can follow her dream. She gave her notice and went to every audition. Eventually, she landed one. It was for a regional commercial but it was a start. Some of the young man’s colleagues reached out to him and let him know they knew some people in the industry who’d like to meet her. His contacts lead to a recording contract. Bumping into him on the subway had changed both of their lives.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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