Video Review: Lara Fabian “I Am Who I Am”

Lara Fabian, wearing a white zip-up blouse and pants, touches her legs as she stands behind a whirling screen of squares. Multiple versions of herself appear on the screens. Against a black background, a twentysomething man with long hair stands with his arms at his sides.

Hundreds of people appear within the squares. They revolve and flip to show new people. Several teenaged young women look up to each other. Wearing a red blouse and pants, she shakes her head as she dances while the squares blend into one another. A twentysomething young woman, wearing camouflage pants and a black halter, smiles. A fiftysomething woman, wearing her Postal Service uniform, turns her head.

A twentysomething young man and woman, stand together. Against a white background, a sixtysomething man and woman hold onto one another. A twentysomething Muslim woman wears a hijab dress. A second twentysomething woman, wears a cowboy hat and grins. A 10-year-old girl with glasses smiles. A 10-year-old boy stares straight ahead. While the squares continue to merge, Fabian grins.

Rating: 2.5/5

Lara Fabian exclaims, “fudge!” Her sister giggles and says she’s an adult. She can say the actual word. Fabian tells her she just doesn’t like to swear. The words don’t offend her. However, they weren’t her. She liked to use the replacements instead. It made her laugh rather be ticked off. Her sister tells her that one day she’s going to break and swear after every word.

The fiftysomething woman places the mail in the mailbox during her route. A sixtysomething woman gives her a traybake. The fiftysomething woman thanks her. The sixtysomething woman had a hard time walking and was such a sweet lady. It was why she loved her job. Sometimes, her friends said she should get a desk job and get out of the weather. But she had gotten used to the weather over the years. The walking was excellent exercise. She wouldn’t even think of quitting.

The 10-year-old girl picks out a pair of glasses. Her mom tells her they look cute on her. She says she likes the frames. Some of the kids at school made fun of her for wearing glasses. However, without them, the board was blurry and her grades went down. Her mom told her she could get contacts once she starts high school. She wasn’t sure if she wanted anything to touch her eyes.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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