Video Review: Gloria Estefan “Coming Out of the Dark”

A mechanic fixes the spotlight and turns his head. He calls out, “hello! Somebody there?” and walks off the platform inside the venue. Gloria Estefan opens the door, letting in the light. Arms folded across her chest, she walks down the center aisle.

In black-and-white, she performs in concert. Fans clap and dance while she sings. Against a black background, a choir sings. She walks by the chairs set up on the floor. The curtain opens as she walks on stage. Back in black-and-white, she touches fans’ hands as she sings. In color. she reaches out her hands as she stands on the stage. The packed venue of fans cheer for her.

Rating: 4.5/5

Gloria Estefan holds onto the railing as she walks on the riser. There was no pain. She was able to do it. It was a triumphant moment for her. A half year ago, she was in the hospital, unable to walk. Every day in physical therapy, she thought of being up on stage again. There were some days she had wanted to give up. The throbbing ache in her back wouldn’t go away. She swore at her husband to leave her alone. Her husband refused and told her he was going to visit her as much as he wanted.

Some days, though, were better than others. She was wary of steps. Walking on the riser gave her back her confidence. It was something she was able to do without thinking. If she slipped, she could recover without a problem. Now, though, it had meant something more: she was healthy again. As she walks down, she glances at the steps and takes her time.

While she walks on the stage, she notices the costumes left behind. It was likely from a previous production. She sees a program from it. An illustrated photo features the young woman starring in the show. She smiles to herself. Usually, she breezed through the hallways and the dressing rooms. After a while, the venues were the same to her. However, each one had a history of great shows. She touches the fabric of the costume and thinks of the seamstresses on the last tour. It’ll be wonderful to see them again.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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