Video Review: Travis Scott, Young Thug & M.I.A. “Franchise”

Travis Scott smokes his cigar as he parks by the gate of Michael Jordan’s unsold mansion in Chicago, Illinois. The gate, emblazoned with Jordan’s number, open as Scott drives through. Several cars follow him. Some young women, wearing high heels, get out of the car.

Scott lies in bed while a young woman sleeps next to him. The scarlet red light fades away on the floor in shrub wallpapered room. Two young women sit on each side of Scott. Shoes line the floor of the basketball court. He does push-ups in center court. A young woman, on a ladder, throws a bottle of Cacti to Scott as he sits in a chair behind it. A second young woman helps lead her by the wall display.

Hundreds of Scotts in white t-shirts stand together against a black background. Scott stands on the grass platform built into the pool. About 50 young women perform a synchronized routine in the water. Young Thug joins him. They golf on the green. A young woman falls off the boat from Scott’s ball. Scott facepalms. Young Thug walks into the cigar room and sits to next to a third young woman. The third young woman deals him some cards. Scott puts his head in his hands while he plays a game of cards. Young Thug balances a piece of sushi on his chopstick as Scott closes a semi-truck full of product.

Lit in lavender, Scott turns to the side and dances. A goat looks at some floor length mirrors set up in a field. M.I.A. dances in front of the mirror while the goat graze. Wearing a flower outfit, she dances by her mobile home as the goats run. Two eyes watch Scott as he dances. He levitates from the bed. Young Thug dances in front of the eyes. Vines wind through the windows of M.I.A.’s mobile home. She sits in a chair near the window.

Rating: 3/5

Travis Scott nods his head as he listens to the realtor describe the property. It was steep. However, it was Michael Jordan’s former home. His daughter would love the pool. The basketball court was awesome. There would be a staggering amount of redecorating to do, though. It would be as though he was living Jordan’s life at his peak and not his own.

Young Thug dives in the pool and tells him he’ll move in with him if he buys it. He says they wouldn’t ever have to leave it. Thug says he’ll conduct interviews for him for the housekeepers and then play a card game at night. Scott says he isn’t sure. The bargain price was just too good to be true. Scott says he’s going to think about it,

Scott watches some Michael Jordan classic games on television. He really was a legendary player. Part of his could be a museum or a resort. There were business possibilities to it. Nonetheless, he’d have to discuss it with his team and figure out if there was any interest.

Director: Travis Scott Year: 2020

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