Video Review: Sweet Sensation “Never Let You Go”

Betty spins during a dance rehearsal at the studio. A young man teaches Betty, Margie and Mari the routine while they dance by the mirror. He goes over part of the routine with Betty. Betty, Margie and Mari perform on stage. Back in the studio, she sits on a ladder and drinks some water. The young man climbs up behind her and kisses her neck. He stands by her and pretends to spray her with water from his bottle.

He carries her in his arms and spins her. She looks into his eyes as she turns towards him. The young man holds onto Betty’s leg after she spun into his arms during the dress rehearsal. Betty puts her arms to her chest as they finish performing.

Rating: 3.5/5

Betty glances backstage and sees the young man beaming as she performs. She blows a kiss to the audience and hugs her boyfriend once she gets backstage. Gazing into her eyes, he tells she was exceptional. She grins and says she knew she nailed it mid-way through the song. He puts his arm around her as they walk down the hallway. She says she’s glad she was able to do it. She was so afraid of falling. Margie and Mari wave goodbye to them and say they’ll catch up later.

Betty rests her head on his shoulder as he sits next to her in the backseat of the car. She was lucky to have him.  He had been in the industry for about 5 years and was helping her to get used to it. She had been exhausted and stressed while they rehearsed. He let her break whenever she needed. While he worked with Mari and Margie, she slept for about two hours. He covered for her when she snuck in some cookies. She was worried he was going to get fired.

The young man looks over the menu and says he’s going to get the bacon cheeseburger. She says she should get a salad but she’s having a cheeseburger and fries instead. He asks her if she has heard anything about their next project. She says they are preparing for the tour. He says it’s going to be wild and that he wishes he could be there. She says he could be, if he wanted to be her manager. He pats her hand and says he’d love to. She says it’d be perfect and perhaps he’ll have steady work with them. The young man says his first piece of advice is go solo. She’s a star. She blushes and says she wants to be with her friends. The young man puts down the menu and says she has to look out for herself. She says she’ll think about it. Even though she wasn’t sure about it, he knew she could trust him. He wouldn’t lead her astray.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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