Video Review: Zayn “Better”

Wearing denim jeans, Zayn lies on the bed. Shirtless, he glances to the left and right as he gets up. The tape on a recorder turns somewhere. He looks out the window and puts on a white dress shirt. A fortysomething man, hiding in the backyard, stares through the window with binoculars. A third young man listens to Zayn on his headphones in a control room.

Zayn puts on a matching blue jacket and looks out the window again. He looks up at the celling. While he sits in the chair, he turns his head towards the window and continues to look. He paces around the family room.

Rating: 5/5

Zayn declines the call from his girlfriend. He couldn’t put her in potential danger. Someone was after him and his family. His eyes half-closed, he glances at the picture frame on the table. A bug could be in there. Another place he suspected a camera was in the bookcase. He gets his keys and turns his head as he walks on the driveway. Across the street, he sees his neighbors’ cars. The car had been somewhere else.

He glances in the mirror and watches to the cars behind him. A car honks at him and he slams on the brakes. He reminds himself that he can’t be afraid. He has to be vigilant. His family is counting on him. He parks in the grocery store parking lot. A black midsize car speeds by. It was bit rustic for the area. He forces a smile and takes a picture as it slows down for the light.

A young man folds his arms and mutters that he’s taking forever under his breath. Zayn glares at him and leaves his cart. Whatever he needed could wait. He walks into the parking lot and calls his girlfriend. She asks him if he’s all right. He says he’s found some answers. His daughter gurgles and he says it’s such a wonderful sound. His girlfriend says they both miss him. Zayn says it shouldn’t be much longer and that he loves them. He hangs up and rubs his forehead. He has to see them again.

Director: Ryan Hope Year: 2020

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