Video Review: MoStack & AJ Tracey “Miss Me”

Seventysomething MoStack and AJ Tracey sit on the couch inside a house. Gold records hang up on the wall behind him. MoStack turns on the television with the remote. On Electric Soul, a 1970s music show, a twentysomething MoStack sits at the piano while a crowd of young women clap for him. Tracey nods his head as he listens as MoStack tries find something under the pillow. Tracey gestures to the glasses on his head. MoStack nods and puts them back on his nose.

Back on the television show, Tracey performs on stage with a band. They shuffle their feet on the dance floor. MoStack puts his arms around two young women as he sits on a teal couch and watches Tracey perform. They dance in a teal painted hallway. Several young women dance in place as they sit in a car while MoStack and Tracey sing on stage. Back in the teal hallway, they become Roblox characters.

Several people do the hustle while they perform on stage. Three young women roller skate in a circle. A young woman breakdances in her roller skates. The seventysomething MoStack stands up and tries to dance. His hand on his back, he leans on the couch. Tracey pats his shoulder as MoStack sits back down on the couch.

Rating: 4/5

AJ Tracey asks MoStack if he still talks to the breakdancing roller skater. MoStack says he doesn’t know what happened. Tracey comments that it was a good time and seeing it again brought back a lot of memories. MoStack says he remembers bits and pieces. Tracey hands him a bottle of pills and says he needs to take them. MoStack swallows them and makes a face. He says they taste terrible. Tracey asks him to show him his tongue. MoStack tells him he actually took them, Tracey says, “Tongue?” MoStack shows him his tongue. Tracey pats him on the shoulder.

MoStack snores as he falls asleep on the couch. Tracey puts a blanket over him and shuts off the television. MoStack needed all the rest he could get. His back was bothering him more than usual. MoStack didn’t want to say it and worry him. However, Tracey knew back surgery wasn’t an option. MoStack wanted to be left alone. But Tracey wouldn’t let him.

MoStack stretches out on the couch and looks for Tracey. He licks his lips and coughs. His throat just got dry all of sudden. He puts his hand on the couch as he gets up. His leg gives out and he falls on the floor. He groans in pain. Tracey runs to the family room and asks him if he’s okay. MoStack says it’s his leg. He doesn’t know what happened. Tracey says he’s going to call an ambulance. MoStack says he doesn’t want to go. Tracey says he can’t do anything for him. MoStack groans again and tells him okay.

Director: Wowa Year: 2020



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