Video Review: Keyshia Cole “Heaven Sent”

Wearing a canary yellow maxi dress, Keyshia Cole walks on the shore in Oahu, Hawaii as the sun sets. She dances by the shore. Wearing a lavender bikini, she wraps the cover-up around her as she stands by the waterfall. She puts her hand on her chest and smiles. In a printed halter dress, she raises her arms. Two horses graze on the land. Back in the yellow maxi dress, she runs on the shore.

Rating: 5/5

Keyshia Cole pours syrup on her pancakes at the Koa Pancake House. She looks out the window and watches a twentysomething couple kiss. She thinks they are newlyweds, enjoying their honeymoon. They are likely heading towards the end of it, though. They head into the gift shop. She watches a seventysomething man in the corner booth talk with one of the servers. Her hands underneath her chin, she eavesdrops as he mentions how he won multiple surfing competitions. He describes his favorite surfboard. Cole takes her check up to the register.

She drives to the beach. It was part of her Sunday routine. As she walks, she watches the waves in the ocean. It was quieter than usual. However, there were some stragglers, packing up their things. She folds her arms across her chest and says a prayer. It was one she learned as a child. She had forgotten some of the words. However, she believed God knew what she meant.

It had been a rough few years. However, she got herself together. It was with God’s help, though. She was at peace with herself. The church had disillusioned her. Her boyfriend had cheated on her. She had every reason to be bitter and give up. However, she had to have faith in herself. Within the last year, she was to get a job with a higher salary. She was in a book club, reconnected with some friends and went on the occasional date. There was a young man she had been seeing. It seemed to be getting serious. As she watches the sun set, she knows she wasn’t really by herself. Her late grandmother and uncles were guiding her. God was listening to her and let her know she was in paradise.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2008

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