Video Review: Shawn Mendes “Wonder”

A train travels through the mountains. Shawn Mendes sits in one of the cars and looks out the window at the forest. He gets up and walks in the aisle. A young woman stares at him as they pass each other. As he walks onto another car, a group of people dance in their seats. A few people lift him and move him. He stands on two seats and pops his head out of the window.

He lies on top of the train. Lit in midnight blue, he stands on top of the train and falls off. He runs his hand on the root of the tree and leans against it. Touching his chest, he stands up and dances in the forest. While he walks through the forest, he joins a group of people as they dance. He runs and skids as he reaches the cliff. Waves from the ocean soak him as he brushes his hair back. He spreads out his arms and pumps his fists. Kneeling on the ground, he pants and looks at the ocean.

Rating: 5/5

Shawn Mendes takes off his shirt and wrings it out as he stands in the forest. He had no idea where he was. The rest of his belongings were on the train. His head down, he walks into the forest and rests against the tree. In the morning, he washes up by the river and continues to walk.

Shielding his eyes, he sees a cabin in the distance. It was only a couple more miles, He could do it. However, he lies down again. His stomach rumbles. It must’ve been almost an entire since he’d eaten. A rancher taps him on the shoulder, waking him. He asks him if he needs help. Mendes nods and asks where he is. The rancher tells him he’s in Arizona and that’ll get him something to eat.

In the dining hall, he bites into the sandwich and takes another for the next day. The clerk says he stay in the office and sleep for the night. He thanks her and stretches out on the floor. He opens his phone and leaves a message for his girlfriend. He was supposed to have arrived at his original destination hours ago. Even though he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with her anymore, he at least wanted her to know he was all right. He accepts the mattress and sits up. As he lies down, he knows he’s not going home. He’ll stay for a few weeks to get his things and come back. If he was going to change his life, he had to do it now.

Director: Matty Peacock Year: 2020


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